Tuesday, October 2, 2007

America may not be lost after all

60% of Americans said they are opposed to the Hillary grand idea of giving every baby $5,000 for being born. That is surprising to me. But in a good way. This means that 60% of Americans still believe that the goal of government should not be to give people money.

60% of Americans - at least for the time being - are still opposed to socialism.

60% of Americans still believe that tax dollars should not be used to buy votes.

60% of Americans hate the idea of foreign pregnant women coming to US soil in week 36, have their kid and collect a check on the way back home. And yes that would be the case as any baby born on US soil is a US citizen and entitled to all rights of a US citizen. No court would ever uphold an exclusion to US citizens not getting the $5K because his/her parents were foreign nationals.

I realize this is only 1 poll and may mean nothing. But maybe it may just signal a turn-around in attitudes. And hopefully it is also a signal to Hillary and all the others that we're not as stupid as they think we are.

On the other hand there are 40% of Americans who think it's a good idea and that is downright scary.

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Anonymous said...

all she has to do is up the amount to $10,000 and 60% will support it