Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Coronation

As I'm sure all of you have heard, there will be the coolest most awesomest, most rockingest coronation happening on Jan 20th. The Messiah will have adoring fans crowded into the Mall to watch him speak. It will be history. It will be record breaking. It will be unprecedented.

But look at the photo of Reagan's first inauguration. Looks pretty packed to me with people all the way back to the Washington memorial. If you haven't seen the Mall in person, that is a long way, about a mile. I realize the Chosen One was the best candidate ever, is the best president-elect ever and will be the best president ever according to the MSM. But come on people, let's have a little perspective. It's not like this is the first inauguration where people showed up in droves for crying out loud.

Personally I think the inauguration frenzy - regardless of who it is - is very odd given that the country was founded by overthrowing a king. And yet every 4 years, people cheer on the coronation of the new king. No other country - at least no other democratic country - has a celebration for the new leader. The US inauguration is bizarre and to me goes against everything the country once stood for...liberty, individuality, freedom. It is fitting today though. The US is nothing but a bunch of lazy, stupid moochers these days whose first instinct is to look to the government for help. There is not a shred left of anything resembling individuality or liberty left. And so it makes sense that the moron zombies cheer on their leader who promises to give them everything they ever desired and then some.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ya Think?

This is how much faith the federal government has in its people these days. After discovering that the peanut butter you bought may contain salmonella, what should you do? In case you are grappling with that hard question, the government has an answer for you

Officials: Toss salmonella-linked peanut butter

MINNEAPOLIS – Health officials are urging nursing homes, hospitals, schools, universities and restaurants to toss out specific containers of peanut butter linked to a salmonella outbreak in 43 states.

Phew. Good thing these "OFFICIALS" are around. Who knows what I might have done without them. I might have eaten the peanut butter. I may have given it away to my neighbor. I might have made peanut butter cookies with it. I never would have thought of throwing it away. Man, where do they come up with these genius ideas? They must have some very talented, smart people working for the government these days.

This government agency, full of Mensa members surely needs a 30% increase in its budges, ASAP. O-bambi, are you listening?


Monday, January 12, 2009

A preview

Here are some delicious photos from San Francisco. Keep in mind San Francisco voted 90%+ for Obama. Thanks to for the link. With friends like these, how long before we say


Sunday, January 11, 2009

The propaganda marches on

Yesterday while flipping around the tee-vee I cam across a show on the TLC channel about real estate. Can't remember the name of it. The show was about couples buying the first home and getting ready to (cue sweet lovable music) live the AMERICAN DREAM.
I almost threw up.

Couple #1: They had a set budget for $350K. Yet their ever so helpful Realtor took them to see a house listed at $475K which - surprise surprise - they liked a lot more than the houses listed for $350K. So this is where it gets ridiculous. The guy, to his credit was adamant that, no we can't afford this and let's not even think about it. Even their lender said, you should probably not consider this as it will stretch you to almost the breaking point. The chick who makes money based on how high of a loan she can scam her clients into getting even said, you can't afford this. The wife on the other hand started throwing a fit about how unfair it is that they can't live in the nicer house and that she wants it no matter what. Long story, short, guess who won in that argument? Oh the pain that man will endure for years to come and I don't even mean the financial hell he has embarked upon.

Couple #2: About to get married. AWWWW. Both living with their parents in order to save money on rent to have enough to buy a house upon marriage. Very admirable. Oh and just to have the double AWWWW moment, the bride is a 1st grade teacher....AWWWWW how sweet. Here is where they get stupid. The wedding is 90 days away. And so they need to buy a house that will close within 90 days. Which is so idiotic to shop for a house with a deadline like this. Adds a sense or urgency where there is none and puts the buyer at a big disadvantage. The way it was presented it seemed as if they spent 1 married day without being home "owners" Satan himself would come up to earth and snatch them back down to hell.

They ended up buying some shit hole for $250K that probably needs another $50K in renovations. On a teacher's This, in some small town in the middle of nowhere Washington, where they said the average rent is $700 a month. Which means they could have rented the exact same house for $1000. Instead they will have a mortgage of $1500 a month, plus taxes, plus repairs, plus maintenance, plus insurance. But the option to rent was never presented. They get to be home "owners". WOO HOO!!

It was as if you either buy a house when you get married or you might as well commit suicide because life is simply not worth living. Don't these people read the papers? Have they not noticed that real estate is about the worst investment one can make right now? I often wonder to myself, how can people be so uninformed as to elect Obama. There's my answer. People in general are just clueless. Clueless about economics, about politics, about world affairs. As long as American Idol is on every night and the government welfare check is in the mail (the bride is a unionized government employee "educator" if you recall receiving a monthly welfare check), the masses are content to be fat, lazy and stupid their entire lives.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Paging Mr. Gore

Ahem, ahem.

Bitterly cold air bottled up over the depths of the Arctic will plunge southward next week, gripping the eastern two-thirds of the nation. Expert Senior Meteorologist Elliot Abrams reports, "Joe Bastardi has been talking about a daytime temperature below zero in Chicago and a nighttime low near 0 in New York City... and if one of these Arctic highs makes the plunge south and east, those ideas will turn out right." Community Director Jesse Ferrell says that the forums are abuzz about this potential for extreme cold next week in the Northeast. He has a blog showing maps and data from the GFS, which says that New York City will be the coldest in at least 14 years.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Stupidity Defined

Here is CNN with another list of poor slobs who have been affected by...cute ominous muic "the worst economy since the Great Depression.

Here is Fool #1 who used to make $55,000 a year. And here is how this poor, poor lad has to cope these days after having been laid off.

Even the definition of 'splurge' has taken on new meaning for me. Before, splurging could mean a shopping trip at Saks or a weekend trip, but now it could be a cup of coffee or a full meal out.

Say what now? You made $55,000 a year and you splurged at Saks? Son, let me tell you something. $55,000 a year is lower to middle class. Saks is upper middle class to wealthy. You have no business stepping foot in a Saks store, let alone going on a trip to Saks.

Moron couple is up next. What is the worst part about being in the (cue music) WORST ECONOMY SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION?

The freedom to go shopping, take a trip or do anything without planning far in advance.

Fool #2 He used to make a whopping $47,000 a year. Now he doesn't. What does he miss most about his old life?

There are no big luxury items anymore; no small ones either

Again, you make $47K a year. You are lower middle class. You should never have had a luxury, let alone luxuries.

This is why I have absolutely zero sympathy for people who are so-called struggling. For years they lived a life way beyond their means. Their entire lives were focused on shopping, shopping, shopping and more shopping. I would love to see the cars in the driveways of these poor poor folks. I'll bet anything they all have cars that were at least $50K new and an minimum 60" plasma in the living room.

All these people can go fuck themselves. They were stupid, very stupid. And now they are paying the price for their stupidity. All the bailouts and stimulus packages in the world will not help thee degenerate pieces of filth. They can all go to hell as far as I'm concerned or starve on the street for that matter.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Simply put, Democrats are idiots

On the notion of cutting taxes for businesses that hire people:

Sen John Kerry, D-Mass., said, "I'd rather spend the money on the infrastructure, on direct investment, on energy conversion, on other kinds of things that much more directly, much more rapidly and much more certainly create a real job."

Hmmm so this imbecile of a man thinks that conserving energy (by inflating tires as Obama suggested?)is a more effective way to create jobs than providing an incentive for companies to hire. This is the brain trust that will be running things for the next 20-30 years. Yes it will be 20-30 years since the average American is even stupider than Kerry and will continue to vote for this kind of fiscal insanity.

Enjoy the $1T deficits every year over the next two decades. Enjoy the descent to third world status. But hey, you are getting hope and change. You voted for a Chicago communist to run things, you deserve the hell that's coming with it.


Global Warming Eh?

Al Gore? Paging Al Gore. Mr.Gore? Mr. Gore? Bueller? Bueller? McFly? Anybody home?

I wonder if all the Green idiot in Europe are having second thoughts.

MILAN, Italy (AP) - Freezing temperatures and exceptional snowfall caused travel delays Wednesday across Europe and were blamed for at least 12 deaths, including that of a man in Milan who was crushed when a canopy collapsed under the weight of snow.

Germany had its coldest night of the winter, with a temperature of minus 18 Fahrenheit (minus 28 Celsius) measured at one weather station in eastern Germany. At the Berlin Zoo, Knut the polar bear relished the bitter temperatures, scampering about his ice-encrusted closure as visitors watched.

In the Netherlands, authorities at Rotterdam's port sent out an icebreaking ship Wednesday morning to ensure passage for barges using a vital artery to ply the country's inland waterways. It was the first time since 1996 that the port has used an icebreaker.

First time since 1996 that the port used an icebreaker. Why that must mean that the temperature today is at least as cold as it was 13 years ago. Which means, that once again this fabrication of global warming has proven to be a scam.

So where the hell is Al Gore these days? Anyone ever notice how he seems to conveniently disappear during record cold snaps?

Never enough

Obama is not satisfied with squandering $800B on a so-called stimulus package. I say so-called because in reality all the money will be spent on pet projects and union donors. But $800B is not enough anymore. He wants, more, more, more baby. And he has said that he sees no problem with vaing $1T deficit for years to come.

Bush was ripped apart when he produced $500B deficits only a few short years ago. And he was ripped apart by the very same people - Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, The NY Times - that are now clamoring for the so-called stimulus bill. Two wrongs don't make a right. Bush was wrong to spend the way he spent. But how the hell does the left do such a turnaround in such a short time? Are Democrats stupid, gullible or both? For 8 years all they say is deficit is too big, deficit is too big, and then come in and say they will double the deficit?

In the history of economics, stimulus programs have never worked. Never. It is the ultimate validation of Einstein's saying about insanity and doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results. Stimulus programs don't work for three basic reasons.

First it takes too long to implement. It is the federal government after all. By the time the money is actually spent, the economy doesn't need it anymore and by then what happens is the stimulus money causes inflation.

Second, a $1 spent by the government is a $1 not spent by the private sector. So in the end it is a net zero of spending. But, it's actually a negative effect since there are added transaction costs that wouldn't exist in the private sector.

Third - and most important - short term actions do not influence long term behavior. Simply put if you give me $1000 today I will take that $1000 and put it in the bank. It won't change my long term behavior pattern at all. Think of it as a bonus. If you get a one time unexpected bonus from work, that you know is a one time thing, will you go out and make a financial decision based on that? Probably not. Yet it is long term decision making that moves the economy. Long term as in people deciding to buy a house or a car or start a business or expand a business. A $1500 check will not spur any of these activities. On the other hand, the promise of a $1500 reduction in taxes permanently, will have an effect at the margin.

Which is why Obama could spend $7B or $70B or $700B on a one time stimulus and it will have absolutely no effect.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

PC run amok

Obama has announced his pick for surgeon general. And the winner is....a guy who plays a doctor on TV. Sanjay Gupta is the new Surgeon General. Name sound familiar? That's because you might have seen him on CNN as a medical reporter.

He's a good pick as far as Obama goes. Gupta like Obama, is vastly unqualified. He has little if any experience as a doctor - aside from playing one on TV. He is not a white male. And most of all he speaks well and looks good on TV.

This entire administration is turning into a Hollywood casting call for a movie. Doesn't matter if the actors know anything about the roles they will play, like president or surgeon general. All that matters is that the cast is diverse and photogenic. Can anyone really believe that out of the tens of thousands of doctors in this country, the best he could find was one who is a CNN reporter? I mean come on. Is the American public really this far down the looking glass that they can't even tell the difference between TV doctors and real doctors anymore? The Surgeon General is not just some figurehead. He will be involved in setting health care policy at a very high level. And as much as Dr. Gupta knows about the ins and outs of celebrity medical issues, I somehow don't see that bringing much to the table when dealing with real world problems. What the hell's next? R. Lee Remmy as the next Joint Chiefs of Staff? Actually that wouldn't be a bad idea.

Take a moment and imagine the reaction that will come from this ragtag bunch of incompetents when the terrorist attacks start. Actors in movies read scripts and look forceful. There will be no script for Obama. There will be no teleprompter telling him what to do. Thousands of people will perish and he will be sitting in the oval office looking for his next line.

This country is fucked. Hope you enjoy the change. I'll enjoy watching the destruction myself. Just hope Loading up on popcorn starting on 1.21.09. I mean come on people, Al Franken as a Senator? Obama as President? Dr. Hupta, People Magazine's sexiest TV reporter as Surgeon General? It can't be anything but a comedy.


Goodbye McMansion?

A good start.

"There's an awareness now that some of the homes frankly are too big," says Scott Van Duzor, a home builder in Illinois's Fox River Valley. "The McMansion has almost become embarrassing to some people," he says. "They're listening not just to their wallet but their conscience."

It is indeed ridiculous seeing some of these behemoths. No so much the fact that people live in big houses. Hey if you want to worry about cleaning, heating and cooling a 4500 sq ft house with 11 rooms of which 7 are never stepped foot in, go for it. What gets me is seeing these obscenities on 1/5 acre lots with neighboring houses 10 feet away. You have families of 3 or 4 people living in these monstrosities, using up only 20-30% of the living space and at the same time living like sardines with no privacy and practically no yard.

Maybe I'm just a little loco, but I'll take an acre or two of land and give up the 5th, 6th and 7th bedroom, not to mention bathrooms #4 through 6, for the same money.


Monday, January 5, 2009

Wow, $1000! I'm rich

Recall in 2001 when the 1st Bush tax cuts were debated and the idea was to send everyone a $300 or $600 check as an advance on next year's tax cut. The left's response (including one John McCain and the media) was basically pffft, $600, like that will do anything.

Fast forward 8 years and now the Great Leader Obama is planning to give everyone a whopping $500 or $1000 tax cut, broken down in $20 increments via a reduction in payroll taxes deducted every month. The response from the left (including John McCain and the media) is "this is the greatest idea ever".

When you factor inflation, today's $1000 is about what $600 was in 2001 and today's $500 is about what $300 was in 2001.

But the media isn't biased, no siree, not in any way shape or form.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

You get what you deserve

As my previous post states, I am in 100% support of Israel's actions. However, it is almost poetic justice that Obama, before putting the final nail in the US coffin, will do likewise to Israel. And to the 80% of American Jews who voted for this scumbag, especially in the close states like Flordia and Ohio, you made this bed yourself.

The only demographic group in the United States that heavily supports Israel is religious Christians. The same group that is demonized by the media elite in New York and Hollywood. On the other hand the groups that are glorified in the NY and Hollywood media - Muslims, Daily Kos types, Kennedys/Obama - are almost universally against Israel and have been forever.

Any movie or TV show that even mentions a religious Christian is a nutcase. Any episode of Law & Order can be figured out in the first 5 minutes. The killer is the middle aged white Christian. And if there is no white middle aged Christian involved, the killer does the killing because a middle aged white Christan did something to provoke the killer. Conversely if the suspect is a Muslim, you know right away he/she is innocent and simply a victim of the racism displayed by the white middle aged Christians. Same goes for all TV crime shows..CSI, Cold Case, you name it.

I have never understood how this dynamic can exist. It would make for a pretty cool psychology PhD dissertation. Nonetheless, my message to the 80% is, you fucked yourselves. Hey it only took 2000 years from the state of Israel to become a reality. You have time to wait around for the next one, I presume. To the 20% of sane Jews out there, I feel for you, I really do.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Israel is right

I applaud Israel's move to go into Gaza. The idea of negotiating with people whose only raison d'etre is your death is stupid. And since it is stupid, of course Obama and his fellow band of Chicago thugs is in favor of it. Israel did the smart thing by doing this before the thug from the South-Side takes over. They have 2 weeks to finish the job, I hope they take care of business.

And gotta give credit where credit is due. The German Ahhnold is supporting Israel. And Muslim Obama, surprise surprise is supporting Hamas. Way to go 80% of American Jews who voted for the Muslim. How's that hope, change, tolerance and diversity going for you?


Hyundai Desperation

I was flipping around the tee-vee yesterday and came upon one of those teasers on the amazingly awful local newscast in Atlanta. I don't remember which channel it was. They're all equally bad. Atlanta is a top 10 market and yet I swear you'd think you're in Bakersfield, CA when you watch the local news.

Anyway the teaser was 'see what one local car dealer is doing to attract buyers in this depressed market, coming up next on Live Action News'. OK so I bit. I was thinking, Buy 1 get 1 Free or something like that. The deal by a Hyundai dealer is this; if you lose your job within the first year of buying a car, Hyundai will take the car back from you and call it even. So you can go ahead and buy with confidence.

Maybe it's just me but that screams desperation to me. This is the equivalent of the no-doc, option ARM mortgage. Shit, if you are really that worried about losing your job, you shouldn't be in the market for a new car. And if you are so on the edge that losing you job means you can't make the $300 or $400 car payment, should not be in the market for a new car, good economy or bad economy. Good thing GM and Chrysler got the bailout. This will ensure a few more million cars sold that will go to the repo man within 6 months. Brilliant strategy Senor Bush.

Which brings up my biggest pet peeve with car buying. It's a given in the media that buying a car equals getting a car loan. It has become so ingrained in people's minds that you have to have a car payment that the notion of not having a car payment is foreign to most people. Even people who sell cars for a living.

Last car I bought from a dealer, the salesman I was working with literally didn't know how to process the paperwork without a loan. We negotiated a price via emails back and forth. I went to the dealership, test drove the car, liked it, said OK, let's do this. Went into the office, took out my checkbook, wrote out the full price as we agreed upon. As he was writing up the paperwork he asked me for my SSN. I said you don't need my SSN. He said, oh yes he needs it for when I go to financing. I said no you don't need it and I don't need financing. I might as well have told him I don't need oxygen. He had to go get someone else to write up the paperwork since he had never had a situation like mine where the car was bought outright. Granted he was a bit of a rookie, but still it was funny. Well not funny, sad actually that this society is like a heroin addict when it comes to credit.



Obama has it 1/2 right. He is saying unemployment could hit 10% in 2009. Correct. See I give credit to that piece of worthless trash when he deserves it. The half that's wrong is he thinks it won't get that high if he spends his $1T on caulking windows and fixing potholes.

What Obama and most of his fellow Chicago thugs don't get is this; you can spend $1T or $10T and it won't make a bit of difference. This country is headed into a depression. Period. You cannot have a trillion dollar .com bubble followed by a 3 trillion dollar housing bubble and not pay a serious price. The US was on a 10 year binge of reckless behavior. It will take at least that long, if not more to sober up.

Americans just don't understand that not everything can be fixed overnight. After decades of being bombarded with commercials that tell you how to lose 30 lbs in a week, grow a full head of hair overnight, eliminate your debt in 2 months, Americans simply don't understand time reality anymore. Oh we have a recession? No problem. We'll just vote for a communist and he will turn the economy around in a week. I saw a commercial about it and it looked pretty legit to me.

Well, just like you can't get the 6 pack by eating cheeseburgers every day as the commercials claim, you can't transform an economy overnight either. The only way to get the US economy back on track is let it wither. We need to get all the excesses out. That means no more luxury SUVs for people making $40K a year. That means no more $700 jeans for anyone other than the select few people who can actually afford $700 jeans. That means no more $500 phones for 18 year olds. And most of all it means no more credit for a while. No more credit cards. No more car loans. No more mortgages. No more $0 down and only $29 a month for the next 100 months bullshit. If you don't have cash to buy it, sorry you don't get it. It's a tough concept to handle, I know. But humanity somehow survived for tens of thousands of years without MasterCard. I think we can do it again.

Spending $1T on caulking windows and fixing potholes - of which $250B will be siphoned off to Obama's union cronies in Chicago by the way - is the equivalent of using gum to stop a leak in Hoover Dam. It is window dressing at best. At worst it is just delaying the true doomsday.

Politically he will show he cares. He will show the masses that he is "doing something". And the drooling imbeciles in the heartland will grunt and think wow that fellow really does care for me. And then they will go cash the welfare check and all will be well.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Gas is too darn cheap

Gas is closing in on $1 a gallon. Good news right? Not if you are a Democrat it isn't. Since you are beholden to the enviro-nazi movement you have different priorities than everyone else. First you did all you could to stop new drilling. That didn't work as oil prices fell naturally.

But you are hell bent on destroying American culture to fight "global warming" that you are now going to tax gas back to $4 a gallon. Why is the solution to every problem in a Democrat's mind higher taxes? Why can't it ever be reduced spending?

Transportation is becoming like public education. Every year the union goons representing "educators" demand more money. Every year they get it. And every year the system gets worse and test scores fall. Nobody in the teacher union racket is ever held accountable, and they come back for even more money the next year. Now traffic is the same way. Every year, teamsters demand more money to reduce traffic congestion. They get the billions of dollars, and yet the next year there is an urgent need for even more money.

And the most fucked up part is this reasoning for higher taxes;

The dilemma for Congress is that highway and transit programs are dependent for revenue on fuel taxes that are not sustainable. Many Americans are driving less and switching to more fuel-efficient cars and trucks, and a shift to new fuels and technologies like plug-in hybrid electric cars will further erode gasoline sales.

So after beating us over the head to drive more fuel efficient cars and drive less, the Democrats are now complaining that we are.....driving less and driving more fuel efficient cars? It is all a sham. No matter what we do, Democrats will tax us more. Drive more, drive less, drive a Prius, drive an Escalade. Doesn't matter. The one and only goal of Obama and his fellow travelers in Congress is always more taxation.

But since Americans are slowly becoming the stupidest people on earth, they probably won't notice. At least they are getting change....lots and lots of change.