Sunday, January 4, 2009

You get what you deserve

As my previous post states, I am in 100% support of Israel's actions. However, it is almost poetic justice that Obama, before putting the final nail in the US coffin, will do likewise to Israel. And to the 80% of American Jews who voted for this scumbag, especially in the close states like Flordia and Ohio, you made this bed yourself.

The only demographic group in the United States that heavily supports Israel is religious Christians. The same group that is demonized by the media elite in New York and Hollywood. On the other hand the groups that are glorified in the NY and Hollywood media - Muslims, Daily Kos types, Kennedys/Obama - are almost universally against Israel and have been forever.

Any movie or TV show that even mentions a religious Christian is a nutcase. Any episode of Law & Order can be figured out in the first 5 minutes. The killer is the middle aged white Christian. And if there is no white middle aged Christian involved, the killer does the killing because a middle aged white Christan did something to provoke the killer. Conversely if the suspect is a Muslim, you know right away he/she is innocent and simply a victim of the racism displayed by the white middle aged Christians. Same goes for all TV crime shows..CSI, Cold Case, you name it.

I have never understood how this dynamic can exist. It would make for a pretty cool psychology PhD dissertation. Nonetheless, my message to the 80% is, you fucked yourselves. Hey it only took 2000 years from the state of Israel to become a reality. You have time to wait around for the next one, I presume. To the 20% of sane Jews out there, I feel for you, I really do.


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