Monday, August 31, 2009

Burn baby burn

Is it wrong to have a sense of satisfaction and the fires in California? Just something hearwarming knowing that thousands, if not tens of thousands of do-good "green" Obama voting filth will have thier lives turned upside down. It is the very "green" bullshit laws that cause these wildfires to happen. Because of "green" initiatives firefighters can do controlled burns. They can't clear dead brush. No, you see that would kill a molusc somewhere. So instead they leave the forests just begging for wildfires every year. Just like everything else that liberal touch, it turns to shit.

And here's something else I'm wondering about. All throughout out Katrina, I was led to believe George Bush a) created the hurricane and b) hated black people because he didn't jump into the flood to personally help. OK fine. But where is the Dear Leader while California burns? Oh yeah, I remember now. He's playing golf. And the state run media is silent as usual.

Keep on burning baby. And can a brother please get a 9.7 earthquake to hit that cesspool call California already? Come on nature, what the hell are you waiting for?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Union Goons

Obama's brown shirts are work. Three busloads of union thugs bussed in to the town hall. But it's the right that is astroturfing. Suuuuure. Another example of the leeches in the Democrat party...union members, teachers, government "workers". Those that can't do. Those that contribute nothing. Those that suck the life out of society,

Just one question though: the union leeches all have platinum plated health care. Why do they want the nationalization of the system? Surely even someone as dense as a government employee knows that their care will be worse when Obama runs it. So the question is are union leeches a) stupid or b) blind followers of their union bosses or c) all of the above.

After further review, I say C.

Class - or lack thereof

Great contrast and compare here between Nancy Reagan and that slob currently refered to as the First Lady.

BTW: This link in no way means I endorse Palin in 2012. Then again, why not? Can't be any worse than the joker in power right now or the joke that would have been a McCain presidency.


So are Dems this stupid? Take a health care bill that has been dying in popularity. Then name it after an inbred, obese, pill popping drunk who killed a woman due to drunk driving. And that's going to make it popular again? Yes I said inbred. Look at the Kennedys. They all look the same. Generation after generation. The women all look like horses, the men all look like JFK. I realize elite families like to "keep it in the family" but come on. This is just grotesque.

PS: Did I read this right? Obama is so stressed out from his vacation at the $25M summer house on Cape Cod that he needs a vacation from his vacation and will take another week at Camp David? Man, talk about a man of the people.

Bush played a round of golf and the media went ape shit. OZero plays golf for a week straight and then decides to take another week off. Media says: awwwww look at that cute dog.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy

May that drunk driving, Mary Jo Kopatnik killing, hypocritical liberal piece of shit rot in hell for all eternity.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Concentration Camps Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Can someone explain this please? Specifically one of you liberal fucks that keep emailing me to tell me how crazy I am.

On there is a job ad posted by the US Army as follows:

Job Title: Corrections Officer – Internment/Resettlement Specialist

Say what now? You mean like Japanese-Americans moved to the California desert internment camp? Unless anyone else knows a different type of internment camp that I am not aware of. took down the ad. But thanks to Google, once something is on the internets, it stays on the internets forever.

Now some of you may be thinking, if this were true, would the government be so stupid as to publicly advertize the fact it is building concentration camps? Yes it would. In addition to being the most corrupt and evil administration ever, the Obama thugs are also the most incompetent ever.

And for you liberals out there who think this can't happen to you. After all you love Dear Leader and he would never harm you right? Maybe. Or maybe not.

"First they came for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Communist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Jew.

Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up, because I was a Protestant.

Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak up for me."


And I think no white men need apply for this job, at least not going by this National Guard recruitment poster. Black dudes hot white womenz...good to go. White guys...please don't even bother. Which makes sense as the vast majority of internment camps will be white guys.

9/11 A Day that will.....require tree planting?

Remember in the year 5 BO (Before Obama), known to some as 2004, when Bush was accused of using 9/11 for political gain. Bad Bush, bad Bush said the Democrats and their lapdogs in the media.

Well now The Dear Leader has made 9/11 his official National Day of Service. You remember that right? It is the day when he starts implementing his forced volunteerism. Well not forced as in one of his SEIU union thugs coming to your house and dragging you out to an Obama rally (not yet anyway). Forced as in you don't get a student loan if you don't volunteer for an Obama approved cause. Forced as in you don't qualify for your hip replacement under ObamaCare unless you volunteer. Forced as in you don't get that promotion at GM or Bank of America or any of the other companies now owned by Obama.

So remember kids: Bush using 9/11 in a campaign ad: wrong. Obama using 9/11 as a pretext to get the Hitler Youth movement up and running: visionary.

Here is what's coming at a 9/11 memorial near you.

Monday, August 24, 2009

But they do it, so there

The liberal imbeciles and the MSM (but I repeat myself) have a neat little 3rd grade retort to those who oppose ObamaCare. You see ObamaCare would deny service to people based on rules implemented and arbitrated by bureaucrats in the Obama administration. The retort is yeah but insurance companies deny service too.

And this is an outright lie. Much like the outright lie that 50 million people have no insurance, a number which has repeatedly been shown to be 10-12 million. But I digress.

The lie in this context is this. Insurance companies can dent you PAYMENT. If an insurance company denies PAYMENT, you can still get the procedure and pay for it yourself. Yeah it might be expensive, it might get you into a whole lot of debt. But you get to live. Under ObamaCare, the government decides whether or not you get the PROCEDURE. And if Dear Leader says NYET, there is no option B. That's it. You live with the pain or maybe you don't live at all.

See the difference? For liberals the answer is huh? For the rest of you, I think you catch my drift.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So, do you still want to hear him out?

Shortly after the election, my view was that Obama would turn out to be worse than anyone's worst dream. I said he would be a fascist with socialist tendencies. I was told repeatedly that I was over reacting, he wouldn't be so bad and that I should give him a chance before making any decisions.

OK. It's been 7 months. In that time he has

- created a Stasi like program where citizens are encouraged to spy on fellow citizens and send emails to if they catch someone daring to speak out against THE ONE. Luckily for us, the administration is full of incompetent union boss types and they can't execute anything well. Like most union boss thugs, they only know brute force. When it comes to technology, they fuck up and get caught red handed.. But even when they do get caught, they still deny. Just like they did in East Germany.

- taken over the American auto industry by now controlling 80% of GM and 70% of Chrysler

- taken over the American banking system by controlling majority stakes in several US banks

- attempted to (and still attempting) to take over the entire US health care industry, that makes up close to 20% of the GDP

- has spent more money in 7 months than George W. Bush spent in his entire 1st term, and Bush was known as a bit of a free spender or so the Daily Kos morons told me

So how's that whole give him the benefit of the doubt thing working out for you?

Monday, August 17, 2009

The stupidity of the liberal Democrat

If i hear one more imbecile in the Obama administration talk about competition I will scream. Kathleen Sebelius is the filthy fascist's propagandist in chief for the govt health care takeover. She is the former governor of Kansas. Which is odd since I thought Kansas was populated by sane people who would never vote in a radical like her. She was choice #2 for the role. If you recall Tommy Boy Daschle was choice #1. But he like 35% of all Obama cabinet members is a tax cheat and because of that didn't make the cut.

Anyway the shrew Sebelius has a talking point that is thrown about every 30 seconds. That is the public option co-op is necessary as competition to the health insurance companies. Uh huh. That would be true if there were only one insurance company. But there are several insurance companies that already compete with each other. Off the top of my head there is BC/BS, Humana, Aetna, Kaiser Permanente and United. They all offer thousands of plans, both group and individual among them.
Yet the way Obama and Co. portray it there is "THE HEALTH INSURANCE INDUSTRY" as if it is one monolith monopolistic entity that must be broken up a la AT&T. There is more competition in health insurance than most industries. We don't need to spend $1T in taxpayer money to bring along one more entrant into the market run by the govt.

And not be accused of being totally partisan with blinders on to opposing ideas, I think there are some things Obama has proposed that are worthwhile. Not being denied coverage for pre-existing condition. I can dig that. But at the same time pre-existing conditions cost more to treat. So the premiums have to reflect that. And yes, that means someone who had cancer and beat it will pay $5000 a month in premiums. That won't work for most people. So I would be OK with having a mechanism where govt subsidized health insurance premiums for people who have had serious things go wrong. But this is a hell of a lot different than having govt actually run things. It's like food stamps. The govt subsidizes people who can't (in theory) afford to buy food. The govt doesn't go out and open up Obama Groecery.

Keep the free market system operating with govt assistance to those on the margins and I think everyone will be happy. Liberals are happy as everyone is covered. Conservatives are happy as the govt stays out of the health care business. Problem is Obama doesn't want compromise. He doesn't give a shit about health coverage. He wants control. And because of that he will never sign on to something like I suggested.

And speaking of stupid....wasn't Obama supposed to be the smartest man since smart was invented or something? So how does such a smart guy screw up his dream of health care "reform"? He outsourced the bill writing to Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank. Smart? No. Idiotic? YES WE CAN!

Now kill it

The government takeover of health care has been dealt a serious blow. The filthy fascist says he is backing down from the public option in favor of a co-op. Good start. But the battle is not over. We need to kill the entire bill. The co-op option is nothing but govt takeover disguised as a different beast. It will not be an immediate takeover but it is a backdoor way into government control. The co-op as being debated would be started up with govt money. And govt money means govt control is some fashion. Fuck that.

KILL THE BILL! The whole thing. All dirty 1000 pages of it.

Melt the phones. Call them. Email them. Fax them. Then call again just to make sure they got the point.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Buying real estate is still the worst thing you can do today

Here is a fantastic example of why buying real estate right now is still foolish.

The same house on

For rent:

For sale:

Asking price rent: $2500
Asking price sale: $789,000

Some quick math.

Say you put down $100K. That's a $689K mortgage. Best jumbo rate you can get today is 5.5% assuming perfect credit. Mortgage payment on $689K is $3912. But wait, there's more. The actual property tax isn't listed, but I would say conservatively speaking, at least $5000. Probably a lot more, but let's stay with $5000. Add insurance - remember this is Florida, and this is right on the water at $1500. Again conservative estimate. That's another $6500 a year or $541 a month. Bringing the grand total to $4453 a month. And you haven't spend a dime yet on any maintenance or repairs which as anyone who has ever owned a home knows adds up fast. But let's put that aside for the time being. Plus that $100K is not earning any interest. Even a piddly little CD is offering 2% right now. Which means the $100K down payment is costing $2000 in foregone interest, at a minimum. $2000 a year is $166 a month. Bringing the final, final total to $4619.

$2500 to rent vs. $4619 to own....THE SAME HOUSE. What to do? What to do?

I'll have to give this a lot of thought. Let's see on the one hand if I rent, I'll be a loser. I won't be living the American Dream. That's what the media keeps telling me. As far as I can tell - according to CNN - if I rent I might as well have a big "L" stamped on my forehead for loser.

On the other hand I get to keep an extra $2100 a month while living with the indignation of not living the AMERICAN DREAM.

Who in their right mind would buy this thing right now? Answer obviously is nobody. And remember this next time some ass wipe on CNBC or Fox Business or CNN tells you the housing crash is over.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Blue on Blue Hate

This is funny shit. Good stuff starts around 1:20. Funny but also insightful into the delusional unconditional support Obama has from all blacks. Well from all blacks less 3 anyway. This guy is a wee bit crazy but he makes more sense than 95% of so-called Republicans who are afraid to call THE WON out. He sees the true Barrack and his fascist tendencies.

Notice how he is shouted down for daring to question The Messiah. That's the takeaway here. Obama could set off a nuke in Harlem and his approval among blacks would still be 98%

Parts 1 and 2 below.

Dems and Death

No, not what you're thinking. This isn't about the death panels Obama will set up to decide if Aunt Sylvia gets the thumbs up or down health care treatment.

This is about another kind of death imposed on the populace by Democrats. Death to once vibrant cities. Cities such as Detroit and Buffalo. As hard as it may be to believe those cities along with Flint, St Louis, Cleveland etc were once nice places. People had good jobs. Crime was manageable.

Then one day these people collectively decided to vote for liberal Democrats. And for the next 50 years, their cities declined to the point of this:

DAYTON, Ohio -- Here's an idea for saving Rust Belt cities: Tell bloggers and radio stations to stop calling your town a basket case.

That was one suggestion from representatives of eight of the 10 cities labeled last year as America's fastest dying. They met at the Dayton Convention Center last weekend to swap ideas about how to halt the long skid that's turned cities like Detroit, Cleveland and Buffalo, N.Y., into shorthand for dystopia.

The city representatives lunched on $6 sloppy Joes and commiserated through Power Point strategy sessions: Lure back former residents, entice entrepreneurs and artists, convert blighted pockets into parkland.

What emerged was a sense of desperation over the difficulty of rebounding from both real problems -- declining populations, dwindling tax bases -- and perceived woes.

And what's the very first idea raised by the imbeciles running the cities? Why none other than squelching 1st Amendment rights of bloggers.

Here are my ideas:

1. Stop voting for Democrats. Every one of these cities is now and has been run by Democrats. Like everything else touched by Democrats - Medicare, Social Security, USPS, Amtrak, Publik Edumacation - your cities have turned to shit.

2. Stop embracing unions. Unions are what killed manufacturing in the country and is killing what little of it is left. A high school droppout making $30 an hour as a unionized factory worker may seem like a win for the city. Until the owner of the factory moves the whole operation to Sri Lanka and pays $30 a week.

3. Emphasize education to your kids. Instead of indoctrinating them with gay studies, enviro studies, the white man is evil studies, teach them how to read. Teach them how to write. Teach them read world skills that can be applied to more than community organizing techniques.

4. Stop wasting time and effort on PowerPoint presentations. I have sat through more PP presentations than I care to remember. I can't think of one that actually contributed anything to my life. Every asshole mid-level manager feels this need to give a 45 minute PP presentation that contains the same information that could be dispensed in a 5 sentence email. Damn you Bill Gates for creating this nightmare upon the world.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Adolf Hussein Obama

In his own words telling us how he will FORCE everyone to perform volunteer work. The new NewSpeak Obama style. Forced volunteerism. Kind of like how we've always been at war with Eurasia right Barry? America, you fucked yourselves more than you know.

Is there a Doctor in the House?

Quiz time:

What do all of the following people have in common?

Paul Broun
Phil Gingrey
Tom Coburn
Tom Price
Ron Paul
John Linder
Mike Simpson
Bill Cassidy
Phil Roe
Charles Boustany
John Barrasso

Give up? They're all Republican members of Congress and hold an MD. For those of you educated in publik skools and/or are Democrats, that means they're doctors. What they also have in common is none of them had any input into the health care bill. But luckily the ex-community organizer, the ex-union boss and ACORN had lots of input. Phew. I feel better.

Doesn't matter though. What possible good could come out of doctors contributing to a health care bill? That's just crazy right wing mob racist talk.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Would it be different?

I was wondering recently if things would have been any better with McCain than with the dirty filthy Kenyan fascist. My conclusion: marginally.

McCain is up for re-election in 2010. He has a primary challenger already. The challenger has no chance in hell of winning. But he'll make enough noise to put pressure on McCain to stay right from here on in. And so you all of a sudden see McCain turning into Mr. Conservative. He voted against the Wise Latina for SCOTUS. He has taken a refreshing stand against ObamaCare. And he even voted NYET to CaP 'N Tax. Would have been nice if you'd acted even somewhat conservative in 2008 Johnie Boy. You might even have won a few of those close states like Virginia and Florida and NC where a lot of conservatives stayed home. But that is water under the bridge, as Billy Jeff Clinton (who is NOT the Secretary of State just so you know and don't get Mrs. Clinton all riled up again) so famously told us, don't stop thinking about tomorrow. Wait that was Fleetwood Mac. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah.

However, I believe were McCain president, he would have done the exact opposite of what he's doing now. He would have nominated someone as radical as the Wise Latina. He would have proposed his own version of nationalized health care. And he would have supported wholeheartedly Can 'N Tax. At heard McCain is as liberal if not more so than the filthy Kenyan.

The difference between the two is the level of fascism in their blood. While the filthy Kenyan sends out union thugs to beat up old men at town halls, I can say with 100% confidence McCain would not do that.

And as the filthy Kenyan said earlier this week, amnesty is on tap for 2010. It will be interesting how McCain plays that one. Winning a Republican primary in Arizona while championing amnesty for illegals is not exactly a wise strategy. Maybe he should consult one of the Wise Latinas on how to proceed.

And speaking of amnesty. Does the filthy Kenyan really think in an election year it will pass? I've read some analysis that this is actually a brilliant move by the filthy Kenyan. Democrats will be united for amnesty and Republicans will have an internal battle like they did in 2007. I saw bullshit on both counts.

First off, Democrats won't be united at all. The far left in the Dem party will be united. The centrists will be shitting their pants at the thought of voting for amnesty after voting for nationalized health care after voting for Cap N Tax. Ain't a happenin'. Maybe if unemployment were 4%. When unemployment is 10%, even the dimmest Democrat (is there such a thing as a non-Dim Dem?) knows you don't tell 1/10 Americans who can't find a job that you will give citizenship to 20 million illegals who are working under the table and undercutting Americans wages.

Second and this is lost on all the professional pundits. The squishy Republicans are gone. Mel Martinez one of the authors of the 2007 amnesty bill is gone. Elizabeth Dole one of the big supporters of amnesty, gone. Can't remember his name, but the Rep senator from Oregon who lost in 2008, gone. Specter is a Dem now. Aside from McCain and Ghramnesty, where does Obama expect all this pro-amnesty support to come from? The upside of being so hammered in 2006 and 2008 for the GOP is as a small group it's easy to have a united message and stay on message.

And this is also where the stupidity of the MSM and its punditry is displayed. On the one hand they talk about how the GOP is now a regional conservative party. Then they say that the GOP will be split on amnesty. Well if the region they're describing is the South, how in the world will they be split on amnesty. If anything the South is the one area of the country that is guaranteed to be against amnesty.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No We Won't

I am starting to get have some faith in the American public. They voted for a communist without realizing he was a communist. That's OK. Americans are a stupid people. You can't get mad at a retarded child for being retarded. And that is what the American public is these days. 16 year children with IQs of 55. They can walk, talk, feed and clothe themselves. But not much else. Ask them to solve a problem that requires even a modicum of rational thought and they run off screaming and banging their heads on the nearest wall.

But even a retarded child has its breaking point. A retarded child knows the stove is hot. He may have to learn the lesson the hard way a few times. But eventually he knows to stay away. This is happening to the American retarded child. He got burned with Cap and Trade. He got burned with the $1T giveaway to ACORN and Union Thugs known as the stimulus. And now on the takeover of health care the American retarded child knows something just isn't right. He knows he has to stay away from the stove. So he screams, grunts and makes a fuss whenever it comes into sight.

I'm proud of you Americans. You're learning. Not all of you of course. A good solid 30-40% of you imbeciles still think touching the hot stove will yield a positive result despite the intense searing pain you experience every time you touch it. But it seems like there is a glimmer of hope that the rest of you have come to realize that when you touch the stove it fucking hurts and you'll stay away. Hopefully for a good long while.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Government Is Inherently Evil

Can anyone name a single thing the government has run successfully?

Let's see...

USPS? Nope, it is bankrupt and about to close 1000 post offices.

Amtrak? Nope, it has lost money every single year since it was created.

Social Security? Nope, it is bankrupt.

Medicare? Nope, it too is bankrupt.

Fannie Mae? Nope. It went bankrupt.

Freddie Mac? See Fannie Mae.

Cash for Clunkers? Nope, it went over budget in less than a week.

Public Education? Nope. US is last among developed countries on every achievement measure even though it spends twice as much on average as the other countries per student. Thanks to union leeches that have controlled education over the past 50 years, 25% of high school graduates are functionally illiterate.

Everything the government touches turns to shit. And now these very same vermin want to decide what doctor you will see, when you will the doctor and on top of that tell the doctor what procedure you or cannot have. Yeah, nothing can possibly go wrong with that.

No sane person can look at the history of US government and want it to control more of one's life. So the fact that anywhere between 40-50% of the people want government run health care must mean that 40-50% of the population is plain imbecilic. There is no other explanation.

And not surprisingly that 40-50% consists of union members, government "workers", so-called educators (AKA $60K a year including benefits and vacation baby-sitters), welfare recipients, bureaucrats. In other words the parasites of society. Those that produce nothing. They contribute nothing. They destroy their hosts from within. It must be hard to wake up every day and know that your only contribution to society is a negative one. I wake up and go to work and produce value. My counterpart in the government or union wakes up goes to "work" and destroys the value I created and then some. It's sickening.

Here's the thing though. The government and union worker will at some point kill its host. And like a tape worm who dies after killing its human host, the govt worker will have nothing to keep it alive either. I on the other hand can leave and produce value somewhere else. The government worker parasite can't. You will be stuck inside your host dying a slow and painful death, along with your host. Want to see your future SEIU member? Look at your counterpart in the UAW or Steel Workers Union. They like you destroyed their host. Now they're destitute, living in decrepit shitholes like Detroit, Cleveland and Flint. And still to this day, they don't understand that it was their doing that caused the auto and steel industries to vanish from the country.

Enjoy your fate.

Friday, August 7, 2009

How ObamaCare will work

Suppose Starbucks has a store on Main St. They sell $3 coffee. Pretty pricy but popular with the people. Coffee isn't perfect, sometimes it's too hot, sometimes it's not hot enough. But overall the people like it and keep coming back for it.

One day Obama opens up Hussein Cafe next door. He decides he will sell coffee for $2.25. Of course the coffee won't be as good. It will take up to 20 minutes to get service. And on every 2nd Tuesday the store will close down because the coffee delivery truck, run by union friend thugs of Obama decide they're doing a no-show, no work day. Barry states truthfully that he will not force anyone to buy his coffee. And if you like Starbucks, you can still go to Starbucks.

But still in tough economic times Hussein Cafe gets some business. Starbucks still outsells him by a lot. However because of the competition Starbucks has to lay off an employee. And because they lay that employee off, service gets a little worse. Instead of getting your coffee in 3 minutes, it's now 7 minutes.

Hussein Cafe, having an unlimited amount of money at its disposal - from taxation and the printing press, decides to lower the price to $1.50. Again, nobody is forced to buy the coffee there and anyone who wants Starbucks can go to there if they so choose. And because he lowered the price, he also watered down the coffee and laid off 3 people. Now the coffee is $1.50 but the wait is 40 minutes for a cup.

For some people the extra wait is worth it and they go to Hussein Cafe. Starbucks starts to really hurt financially. They lay off 4 more people. Now the wait time for SBUX is 25 minutes for a cup. This drives even more people to Hussein Cafe, which causes SBUX to lay off even more people, which raises the wait time to 40 minutes at both stores. And given the reduced revenue, SBUX waters down its coffee as well making as piss poor as Hussein's. Which finally drives all of SBUX customers to Hussein, making SBUX go out of business.

In the end there is no more competition, so Hussein waters his product down even more and makes it FREE for all. But in order to do that, he only has 1 employee at the store. Which causes the wait time to skyrocket to 4 hours per customer.

Everyone has access to FREE coffee.

And that kids is how ObamaCare will work. It will be "FREE". It will be accessible to everyone. And it will be awful.

PS: What the fuck are Dems waiting for? You keep hearing the filthy fascist Kenyan and his cohorts San Fran Nancy Pelosi and Dirty Dingy Harry Reid talk about the evil right wing holding up government health care takeover. Newsflash Hussein. Newsflash Harry. Newsflash Nancy. You control it all. You can pass anything you want and no amount of right wing protesting will matter. You could bring up a bill that says the USA is the worstest country in the world and it would pass.

So why the hold up? Could it be that your own members are starting to read the tea leaves? Could it be that the sheeple in this country are starting to wake up and realize the hell that they have voted in? Given the fact that most Americans are complete fucking idiots, that's asking a lot. But if only a few of these imbeciles grow a brain cell or two in between watching American Idol, we might have a chance.

PPS: Does anyone find it ironic that the union thugs who fight Wal Mart for being a monopoly are now fighting to monopolize health care?

PPPS: Why do the union thugs of the SEIU care about health care at all? Their gold plated plans will be grandfathered in by Hussein. The only reason they care is because the SEIS, like all unions is nothing more than an organized crime syndicate at the behest of Hussein.

Taking Names

I wonder if I will make Barry's hit list and end up on the watch list. Fuck you Barry. There is that fishy enough for you?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Clunkers are a clunkin

Less on in the law of unintented consequences:

The filthy Kenyan fascist gives you $4500 to trade in your car that is worth $1500 if you buy a shiny new Prius or other econo shitbox that gets good mileage but will paralyze or kill, should you ever be involved in a serious accident.

You were going to sell the old for 1$500 to some shlub that can't afford any more than $1500 but needs a car to get around. You clunker ain't much but it gets one from point A to point B and that's all the shlub needs.

The shlub now has no car since he can't afford $4500. And he can't buy anything under $4500 because that is the floor for any used car in the country today. After all if the filthy Kenyan will give you $4500, you'd be mad to sell it for anything less.

Poor shlub has no car. No car = no job. Hello unemployment. Hello welfare.

But you got a nice shiny new enviro friendly car out of the deal. Huzzah for you.

And here I though the filthy Kenyan and his Democrat cohorts were out looking out for the best interests of the poor and minorities. Instead they are providing a $4500 subsidy to middle and upper middle class white liberals who buy a Prius.

I could almost see the logic in this program if it were limited to US made cars. It would still be a bad idea, but at least somewhat justified by creating demand for US based manufacturing. But since to get the $4500 you have to buy an econoshitbox, and most econoshitboxes are foreign made, the vast majority of the $4B now slated to be spent on the program will go to Japanese, Korean and European companies. And American made cars and trucks will continue to sit idle.

Stupidity thy name is liberal Democrat.