Saturday, August 8, 2009

Government Is Inherently Evil

Can anyone name a single thing the government has run successfully?

Let's see...

USPS? Nope, it is bankrupt and about to close 1000 post offices.

Amtrak? Nope, it has lost money every single year since it was created.

Social Security? Nope, it is bankrupt.

Medicare? Nope, it too is bankrupt.

Fannie Mae? Nope. It went bankrupt.

Freddie Mac? See Fannie Mae.

Cash for Clunkers? Nope, it went over budget in less than a week.

Public Education? Nope. US is last among developed countries on every achievement measure even though it spends twice as much on average as the other countries per student. Thanks to union leeches that have controlled education over the past 50 years, 25% of high school graduates are functionally illiterate.

Everything the government touches turns to shit. And now these very same vermin want to decide what doctor you will see, when you will the doctor and on top of that tell the doctor what procedure you or cannot have. Yeah, nothing can possibly go wrong with that.

No sane person can look at the history of US government and want it to control more of one's life. So the fact that anywhere between 40-50% of the people want government run health care must mean that 40-50% of the population is plain imbecilic. There is no other explanation.

And not surprisingly that 40-50% consists of union members, government "workers", so-called educators (AKA $60K a year including benefits and vacation baby-sitters), welfare recipients, bureaucrats. In other words the parasites of society. Those that produce nothing. They contribute nothing. They destroy their hosts from within. It must be hard to wake up every day and know that your only contribution to society is a negative one. I wake up and go to work and produce value. My counterpart in the government or union wakes up goes to "work" and destroys the value I created and then some. It's sickening.

Here's the thing though. The government and union worker will at some point kill its host. And like a tape worm who dies after killing its human host, the govt worker will have nothing to keep it alive either. I on the other hand can leave and produce value somewhere else. The government worker parasite can't. You will be stuck inside your host dying a slow and painful death, along with your host. Want to see your future SEIU member? Look at your counterpart in the UAW or Steel Workers Union. They like you destroyed their host. Now they're destitute, living in decrepit shitholes like Detroit, Cleveland and Flint. And still to this day, they don't understand that it was their doing that caused the auto and steel industries to vanish from the country.

Enjoy your fate.

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