Friday, August 7, 2009

How ObamaCare will work

Suppose Starbucks has a store on Main St. They sell $3 coffee. Pretty pricy but popular with the people. Coffee isn't perfect, sometimes it's too hot, sometimes it's not hot enough. But overall the people like it and keep coming back for it.

One day Obama opens up Hussein Cafe next door. He decides he will sell coffee for $2.25. Of course the coffee won't be as good. It will take up to 20 minutes to get service. And on every 2nd Tuesday the store will close down because the coffee delivery truck, run by union friend thugs of Obama decide they're doing a no-show, no work day. Barry states truthfully that he will not force anyone to buy his coffee. And if you like Starbucks, you can still go to Starbucks.

But still in tough economic times Hussein Cafe gets some business. Starbucks still outsells him by a lot. However because of the competition Starbucks has to lay off an employee. And because they lay that employee off, service gets a little worse. Instead of getting your coffee in 3 minutes, it's now 7 minutes.

Hussein Cafe, having an unlimited amount of money at its disposal - from taxation and the printing press, decides to lower the price to $1.50. Again, nobody is forced to buy the coffee there and anyone who wants Starbucks can go to there if they so choose. And because he lowered the price, he also watered down the coffee and laid off 3 people. Now the coffee is $1.50 but the wait is 40 minutes for a cup.

For some people the extra wait is worth it and they go to Hussein Cafe. Starbucks starts to really hurt financially. They lay off 4 more people. Now the wait time for SBUX is 25 minutes for a cup. This drives even more people to Hussein Cafe, which causes SBUX to lay off even more people, which raises the wait time to 40 minutes at both stores. And given the reduced revenue, SBUX waters down its coffee as well making as piss poor as Hussein's. Which finally drives all of SBUX customers to Hussein, making SBUX go out of business.

In the end there is no more competition, so Hussein waters his product down even more and makes it FREE for all. But in order to do that, he only has 1 employee at the store. Which causes the wait time to skyrocket to 4 hours per customer.

Everyone has access to FREE coffee.

And that kids is how ObamaCare will work. It will be "FREE". It will be accessible to everyone. And it will be awful.

PS: What the fuck are Dems waiting for? You keep hearing the filthy fascist Kenyan and his cohorts San Fran Nancy Pelosi and Dirty Dingy Harry Reid talk about the evil right wing holding up government health care takeover. Newsflash Hussein. Newsflash Harry. Newsflash Nancy. You control it all. You can pass anything you want and no amount of right wing protesting will matter. You could bring up a bill that says the USA is the worstest country in the world and it would pass.

So why the hold up? Could it be that your own members are starting to read the tea leaves? Could it be that the sheeple in this country are starting to wake up and realize the hell that they have voted in? Given the fact that most Americans are complete fucking idiots, that's asking a lot. But if only a few of these imbeciles grow a brain cell or two in between watching American Idol, we might have a chance.

PPS: Does anyone find it ironic that the union thugs who fight Wal Mart for being a monopoly are now fighting to monopolize health care?

PPPS: Why do the union thugs of the SEIU care about health care at all? Their gold plated plans will be grandfathered in by Hussein. The only reason they care is because the SEIS, like all unions is nothing more than an organized crime syndicate at the behest of Hussein.

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