Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Coming soon to an ObamaCare facility near you

According to the AMA, there will be an estimated shortage of 150,000 doctors within the next 10 years. In order to alleviate that shortage, doctors will be imported from the rest of the world. Just like they do in England where everyone has "FREE" health care.

Only an imbecile or liberal, but I do repeat myself, could think that providing 30-50 million people with unlimited "free" health services while not increasing the number of doctors wouldn't lead to shortages.

And this is what happens when you bring in "doctors" from the 3rd World:

A toddler with leukaemia was misdiagnosed as having trapped wind by a foreign doctor working at a scandal-hit out-of-hours service, her family claimed today. Taylor Codling, three, had a temperature of 40C (104F) and her skin had turned yellow when her father rushed her to a weekend clinic. But in a check-up that lasted just two minutes, the Eastern European doctor diagnosed trapped wind and sent them to pick up a bottle of Gripe Water from Tesco.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Garbage in , garbage out

This story is a bit of a DUH story. But it needs pointing out nonetheless.

Last year, in a move surely applauded by Chavez, Kim Jong Il and every other 3rd world crackpot, Obama took over General Motors, the largest company in the country.

And now the results are in. As anyone with 1/2 a brain would expect, the products manufactured by these government unionized vermin are junk. No different than the junk produced in Eastern Europe by state run communist auto plants.

The 3 worst cars/trucks based on quality:

Cadillac Escalade
Chevy Aveo
Chevy Colorado

It's not surprising. All 3 are made at UAW plants. Plants where workers are seldom sober and often illiterate. That's the union label these days. Drunk, uneducated thugs that produce garbage.

What a fine legacy Obama is leaving behind.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Gimme Gimme Gimme Watchaya Got

The no so surprising news came out this week that 47% of all Americans pay $0 income tax. Actually that is not quite accurate. 47% of Americans pay at most $0. Many millions pay a negative tax rate, which means they get money from the government.

When 1/2 the society lives off the other half, eventually the productive half either stops producing or goes somewhere else to produce. Who in the right mind will keep working and paying 50% tax when they can be a parasite and live just as well. A paraiste in today's society gets free housing, free transportation, free food, free care and education for their urchins, and of course free health care coming up. There is no incentive to work whatsoever. An only slighly lesser form of parasite - the union and/or government worker - gets the same benefits as a producer. Except the union member/govt worker produces nothing. He makes nothing. The result is the same whether a parasite is on welfare or the govt payroll or a union member. His net benefit to society is a negative.

This country is kaput unless that 47% declines in the next few years. And given who is in power, we all know that is not happening. Obama will expand the pool or parasites to 50% then 60% and eventually to 90%. That is the leftist dream. An entire population dependent on government from cradle to grave.

Goodybye America, hello Cuba.

Nice work 53% of you imbeciles who voted for Obama. I hope making history was worth it.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Men in Black

Every now and then the courts make a good call. 90% of the time the activist judges of America simply rubber stamp the leftist agenda. But every now and then judges think through and issue instead of using emotion, as the Wise Latina loves to do.

A federal court - the DC court of appeals no less - has struck down the ridiculous notion of "Net Neutrality". Talk about Orwellian language. There is nothing neutral about "net neutrality". It's nothing more than the government confiscating property in the guise of fairness for all. It's about as neutral the fairness doctrine is fair.

And for making the right call, I top my hat to you justices.

Now maybe a Wise Latina is lurking somewhere that will have the same common sense and strike down the mother of all abominations...ObamaCare.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Media Whore

Today Obama thew out the first pitch of the baseball season. Of course he did. Just like he played basketabll on CBS News. Just like he did an interview before the SuperBowl. Just like he cut a commercial with NFL players to teach kids to exercise or some bullshit like that. Just like he did a March Madness bracket pick on ESPN. And just like he did a little play by play of a Georgetown game.

What's the word for someone who is a narcissist but to the power of 5? The man does love to hear himself pontificate, not only on the greatness of socialism, but also on sports. And yet he wears mom jeans couldn't hit the strike zone if his life depended on it.

Please lord, if I may have one prayer come true. Let 51% of the public come to its sense in 2012 and vote this creature out of office. Wait did I say 51%? I forgot I was talking about a Democrat. Better make it 56% to account for the ACORN registered voters, the dead voters and the thug goon SEIU voters, all of whom vote Democrat 291% of the time.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

How low can you go?

All throughout the debate on nationalizing the health care industry, Democrats swore up and down that once the ink was dry on Obama's signature, Dems would soar in polls. Billy Jeff Clinton predicted an "instant 10 point" bump once that abomination of a bill was signed.

The Democrats assume all Americans as idiotic as their O-bot followers. While it is true that many, many Americans do have the IQ of a guppy, most are deeply planted in the ranks of union members, welfare recipients, government workers and other societal parasites. People that produce nothing, contribute nothing, yet consume everything. In other words the typical Democrat voter. They already vote 181% (according to ACORN registration data) for Democrats. Obama could take a shit on the American flag, light it on fire and then throw the lit flag into a cage full of puppies and kittens while praying to Allah. And the societal parasites would still approve. That's how a cult works. Dear Leader is loved unconditionally.

But for the non-cultists that have 1/2 a brain and can analyze a situation, the shtick aint working no 'mo.

Obama's approval is at 44% according to a CBS poll released yesterday. This is CBS, so that 44% has to be more like 39, or 40% given the grossly incomptenet skew to Democrats that most MSM polls have. But let's take CBS at its word and say it's 44%. That is a 5% drop in approval for Obama compared to the last CBS poll released shortly before ObamaCare was passed.

And this is a poll of adults. This group of people always skews Democrat. Polls that ask either registered voters or likely voters skew more Republican. So the fact that only 44% of all adults support him, might be an indication that not all is lost and Americans have finally woren up to what a colossal mistake they made in 2008.


Friday, April 2, 2010


Obama announced his new MPG standards for 2016. And if you live in Elkhart, Indiana....you better start looking for a new line of work.

Here's how it will work. Every manufacturer that sells cars/trucks in the US will have to have an average 35MPG for its entire fleet. Which means that for every 20 MPG truck/suv there will have to be a 50MPG car sold. So the only way that a manufacturer will be able to sell an suv/truck is by selling an equal number of 50MPG+ cars. Or in other words, starting in 2016 no manufacturer will even bother making SUVs or trucks.

So it brings me back to Elkhart. This town is the RV capital of the world. It is one of the few places left in the country where things are actually made. Travel trailers, pop ups, 5th wheels, you name it. All things that need to towed by SUVs or trucks. If someone can figure out a way for a Prius to tow a 10K lb 5th wheel, by all means show me and I will be impressed. But until that happens, say goodbye to the RV industry. And goodbye to the campground industry. And goodbye to all the businesses that rely on RVers like interstate travel plazas, mechanics, companies that make accessories, etc.

But it's all good. We'll be stopping global warming, which never existed in the first place. And Elkhart's unemployment rate right now is about 15%. I suppose all those good paying manufacturing jobs won't have that much of an effect on the town. Nobody will even notice when all those factories shut down.

Indiana did vote for Obama. So as Rev. Wright likes to say, the chickens are coming home to roost.