Saturday, April 3, 2010

How low can you go?

All throughout the debate on nationalizing the health care industry, Democrats swore up and down that once the ink was dry on Obama's signature, Dems would soar in polls. Billy Jeff Clinton predicted an "instant 10 point" bump once that abomination of a bill was signed.

The Democrats assume all Americans as idiotic as their O-bot followers. While it is true that many, many Americans do have the IQ of a guppy, most are deeply planted in the ranks of union members, welfare recipients, government workers and other societal parasites. People that produce nothing, contribute nothing, yet consume everything. In other words the typical Democrat voter. They already vote 181% (according to ACORN registration data) for Democrats. Obama could take a shit on the American flag, light it on fire and then throw the lit flag into a cage full of puppies and kittens while praying to Allah. And the societal parasites would still approve. That's how a cult works. Dear Leader is loved unconditionally.

But for the non-cultists that have 1/2 a brain and can analyze a situation, the shtick aint working no 'mo.

Obama's approval is at 44% according to a CBS poll released yesterday. This is CBS, so that 44% has to be more like 39, or 40% given the grossly incomptenet skew to Democrats that most MSM polls have. But let's take CBS at its word and say it's 44%. That is a 5% drop in approval for Obama compared to the last CBS poll released shortly before ObamaCare was passed.

And this is a poll of adults. This group of people always skews Democrat. Polls that ask either registered voters or likely voters skew more Republican. So the fact that only 44% of all adults support him, might be an indication that not all is lost and Americans have finally woren up to what a colossal mistake they made in 2008.


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