Thursday, July 30, 2009

Karma is a bitch

Lowest unemployment by state:


What do they all have in common? All 5 voted solidly against the filthy Kenyan fascist so-called president.

Highest unemployment by state:

What do all these gave in common? All but SC voted solidly IN FAVOR of the filthy fascist.

Now suffer fuckers!

Fuck You Ohio (and PA and IN and NC and VA)

A majority of the citizenry in the once great state of Ohio voted for a fascist communist black panther last year, who most likely was not even constitutionally eligible for office due to his lack of US citizenship.

Why did they vote for him? Because a) Ohioans are as a whole even more stupid and gullible than the typical idiot American and b) because they fell for a lie from Der Obama. The lie of course being, vote for me and your problems will be solved. Vote for me and you won't have a mortgage to worry about anymore. Vote for me and your income will double. Vote for me and you will have FREE health care. Vote for me and that piece of shit company you work for called General Motors will suddenly reverse 50 years of decline and be profitable again. And the yokels in Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo baaaahhhh baaaaahhh baaaahhhed all the way to the polling booth and said SIEG BARRACK!!

And now, nearly a year later....

TOLEDO, Ohio (Reuters) - Hope and jobs are in short supply in Ohio eight months after President Barack Obama won the recession-battered state in the 2008 election with promises of a better future. "People were looking for a savior to get us out of this mess and that's why they voted for Obama," said Jeff Fravor, 55, a retired train conductor on his way to breakfast on the outskirts of Toledo.

A Quinnipiac University opinion poll released on July 7 showed the Democratic president's popularity in America's seventh most populous state had fallen to 49 percent from 62 per cent in May. Even worse for Obama, 48 percent said they disapproved of his handling of the U.S. economy, with 46 percent approving.

"As jobs have gone away, that has created a true focus here on job creation," said Andrew Doehrel, head of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. "People look at what's been done on a federal level in terms of bailouts and stimulus and they see that this has not equated to anything more than lost jobs in Ohio."

Which leads me to conclude only one this. 46% of the residents of Ohio have no fucking clue about the world. If as of right now you approve of anything that piece of human filth is doing you're a fucking moron. That's it. There's no more "well I want to give him the benefit of the doubt". There is no more "let's just see what he does, he may not be so bad". No more "we need some change, and he may be the right guy to bring it on". Nope. That's all history. If as of today you still have not opened your eyes to what this man's destructive policies are doing to the country, you are and will always be clueless.

Andrew Doehrel is the typical Obama sheep and liberal idiot savant. Andrew, pal, why would you expect any of the stimulus to create jobs? Government spending NEVER has and NEVER will create a single job. Capitalism creates jobs. Private capital being risked by individuals with the goal of making profit (ooohh that evil word) is what creates jobs. Government spending is a drag on the economy. Every $1 spent by the government returns less than $1 in economic benefit. It's a losing proposition Government is inherently inefficient. Always has been, always will be.

Government will never spend money wisely. It has no incentive to do so. A private company has to bring in more than it sends out. If it doesn't the company goes out of business. Simple. Even for a liberal to understand. Government doesn't have that restriction. If it needs more money it can print more or tax more. There is never a need to spend less or spend more efficiently. And that's why you get a $1T so-called stimulus bill that pays off every liberal constituency but creates 0 jobs.

If government could create jobs and prosperity out of thin air the USSR would be alive and well today and enjoy the highest standard of living. Ditto for N. Korea and Cuba. 70 years of communist failures all over the globe and you imbeciles still cling to this notion of government as savior.

As for Ohio...enjoy economic Armageddon bitches. You did this to yourselves. You think times are tough now? Just wait until Can'N'Trade is implemented and your energy costs go up 30% wiping out whatever vestige of manufacturing you have left in your state. Wanna see the future Ohio? Look across the border to Michigan. That's you in 2 years. Michigan is a miniature version of what Obama wants. Anti-business. Fully unionized. High taxes. And of course run by and for a Democrat machine that skims off the top. Cleveland, your future is Detroit. Toldeo, your future is Flint.

But you assholes got your hope, got your change. Now live with it.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Housing Bottom Call #1899

Good news everyone!! The housing crisis is ovah. That's right, good times are here, better go out and buy 7 Miami condos before you get priced out forever.

How can you argue with this:

NEW YORK ( -- Sales of newly constructed single-family homes spiked 11% in June to an annualized rate of 384,000 homes, according to a report released Monday. The gain over May was much greater than expected. A consensus of housing industry analysts had forecast seasonally adjusted sales of 352,000, according to

DAMN!! 11% spike. That's incredibly good news right? Well uhm, not really if you keep reading.

However, sales are still 21% below the levels of a year ago, when new homes sold in June at an annualized rate of 488,000, according to the report released by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Four years ago, during the height of the housing boom, the sales rate for June was 1,374,000, nearly three-and-a-half times higher than last month.

2008 was one of the worst years ever real estate wise. This year the numbers are 21% lower than that. Yet somehow this is evidence of a housing bottom. Makes sense if you are a real estate shill or one of the MSM's paid shill spokeman. Like oh I dunno how about Peter Morici who says:

"That is really good news. Considering what's going on in existing home sales, with all the foreclosure activity sending down home prices, for new homes to jump like that is a good indicator that the economy is bottoming out."

Ok Peter. You go ahead and forecast yet another bottom. Just like you and your ilk did in 2006 and 2007 and 2008 and the first half of 2009. One of these days you will be right and housing will bottom. But that isn't happening for at least another year. Unemployment is at double digits but housing is posied for a boom. Come on people, do you really think the American public is that stupid and gullible? Wait. This nation of idiots** did vote for Obama thinking he would pay for their mortgages and gas. I stand corrected.

This "optimism" is pure bullshit because once again the media is playing the MOM vs. YOY gain. Sure June had more sales than May. June always has more sales than may. What counts when comparing figures is year over year. It's like saying June was hotter than May therefore there is global warming.

Allow me if I may to offer a sports analogy. The housing market is a football team that is 0-12. The average margin of loss has been 30 points. The team just scored a field goal in the 4th quarter of the 13th game and lost 31-6. And after the field goal the local sports rag just announced the team's slump is over and they're positioned well to make the playoffs because they lost by less than 30 points today.

** Bill Maher got some flack for calling the US people stupid. I happen to agree with him 100%. He thinks they're stupid for different reasons than me. But make no mistake, this country is populated by the dim, the uninformed, the gullible, the impressionable, the uneducated, uniformed and just plain lazy. Any country that freely votes for a man like Obama cannot be called anything but stupid. Well maybe imbecilic. Yeah that fits a little better.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where da BC at?

So the more talk there is about the lack of DER OBAMA's birth certificate. I'll believe a good conspiracy theory most days. And I thought this one was tin foil hat territory. But the more I think about it the more I start to think there's something not quite right here. Where is all the non-official evidence. Were there no pictures of the joyous occasion of the LORD SAVIOR OBAMA's immaculate birth? A scrapbook? A photo album? A post card congratulating Mama Barrack?

It's as if little Hussein was born in a vacuum somewhere in Hawaii and nobody else on the planet knew about it. Where was Hussein Sr.? Where was Hussein's grandmother, the person who raised him? She was a well established member of the Hawaii upper class, a bank VP. You'd think someone of that prominence would have had a welcoming party or something like that. At least someone who knew her, a friend, a colleague, a neighbor would have been told of the birth and could corroborate it today. Yet, not a single piece of evidence of any of these people being at the hospital? What about the doctors or nurses at the hospital? You'd think or one or two of them could corroborate the event? It's not like it was John Smith who was born. The name Barrack Hussein Obama would probably stick out a little. Especially in 1961 and especially given the inter racial birth.

So we have no birth certificate and not a single human being alive who can corroborate the birth. Hmmm

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Has Liberalism Jumped The Shark?

8 Ball says....YES

Birth Certificate Blues

There has been some talk in the MSM this past week about Obama's birth certificate, or lack thereof. Turns out his non-birth certificate is not an issue anymore you see. That's because Hawaii went all digital back in 2001 and no longer has paper records of live births. Convenient for DER OBAMA. Case closed. LONG LIVE DEAR LEADER.

The fact that filthy lying scumbag lies about everything would lead me to at least think the possibility is true that he was not born in Hawaii. He probably was and probably is a citizen. But the fact that Hawaii burned all the documents 8 years ago makes this a non-issue. And it only gives the leftists ammunition in portraying his enemies as crazy people.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Palin says buh bye

My take:

1. She wants the money. Can't blame her. She's got a short window to take advantage of the $50K a speech circuit. She's not a wealthy woman, she's got a baby with special needs. Go for it sister.

2. The left's meme during 2008 was basically being governor of Alaska is a do nothing, means nothing job. So she quit a do nothing, means nothing job and now all of a sudden it's the end of the world? Sorry lefties, can't have it both ways.

3. She likes to fuck with people.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Friday, July 3, 2009

SHOCK: Obama lied about tax hikes

Do you all remember the big promise that The DEAR LEADER made repeatedly on the campaign trail? No taxes - not a dime of extra taxes in fact - for anyone making less than $250K a year. Yeah, about that, never mind

White House senior adviser David Axelrod said the president won't rule out a health care reform bill that includes a tax hike on people making less than $250,000 a year. I pressed Axelrod on whether Obama will draw a line in the sand and veto any bill that funds health care reform with tax hikes for people making under $250,000 a year -- despite a pledge Barack Obama made during the 2008 presidential campaign not to raise taxes on the poor and middle-class. "One of the problems we've had in this town is that people draw lines in the sand and they stop talking to each other. And you don't get anything done. That's not the way the president approaches us.

Translation: Bend over and get ready for the tax fuck of your lives. Yeah I'm talking to you, middle class morons in Ohio and Michigan who voted for this sham. I'm talking to you assholes in Florida making $40K a year who thought Obama would only tax the "rich" and use that money to give you a bunch of freebies.

Maybe next time you fucking morons will think twice before voting for a communist. Hope? Fuck you. Change? Fuck you. Yes we can? Go fuck yourselves. I want to say I hope you've learned your lesson. But unfortunately I know that most of you will vote for this piece of shit again in 2012. You can't fix stupid, and this country is oozing stupidity from every orifice.


6 months ago right after O'Bummah's coronation, he got down to business. Step 1 in his plan of destroying the country: STIMULUS. He told us about this crisis in the economy. And he warned us that sans stimulus the unenployment rate would go to 9 maybe even - god forbid - 10%.

So he signed a $1T stimulus bill that was nothing more than payoffs to unions, ACORN and every other pet liberal group that helped him steal, err I mean win the presidency.

The result as anyone with an IQ over 40 could have predicted: FAILURE on all fronts. The unemployment rate is now 9.5% and shows no signs of getting better.

And in the face of this abject failure, the next step is....another round of stimulus.

I know Obama is not stupid. So he understands that more stimulus will lead to more economic carnage. So why does he want to do it? Simple. His goal is the transformation of the country into a totalitarian state. The easiest way for a dictator to take power is via economic hardship. Hitler, Chavez, Castro all did just that during economic hard times.

Americans did a stupid thing electing this impostor. They will pay a heavy price. And they will deserve everything coming to them. You can't fix stupid, and Americans are by and large very stupid. It's amazing that the country achieved such greatness with such a high percentage of its population being imbeciles. That's what 50 years of unionized teachers indoctrinating kids will do.

Enjoy Independence Day this year, it will be on the last ones you get to celebrate.