Friday, July 3, 2009


6 months ago right after O'Bummah's coronation, he got down to business. Step 1 in his plan of destroying the country: STIMULUS. He told us about this crisis in the economy. And he warned us that sans stimulus the unenployment rate would go to 9 maybe even - god forbid - 10%.

So he signed a $1T stimulus bill that was nothing more than payoffs to unions, ACORN and every other pet liberal group that helped him steal, err I mean win the presidency.

The result as anyone with an IQ over 40 could have predicted: FAILURE on all fronts. The unemployment rate is now 9.5% and shows no signs of getting better.

And in the face of this abject failure, the next step is....another round of stimulus.

I know Obama is not stupid. So he understands that more stimulus will lead to more economic carnage. So why does he want to do it? Simple. His goal is the transformation of the country into a totalitarian state. The easiest way for a dictator to take power is via economic hardship. Hitler, Chavez, Castro all did just that during economic hard times.

Americans did a stupid thing electing this impostor. They will pay a heavy price. And they will deserve everything coming to them. You can't fix stupid, and Americans are by and large very stupid. It's amazing that the country achieved such greatness with such a high percentage of its population being imbeciles. That's what 50 years of unionized teachers indoctrinating kids will do.

Enjoy Independence Day this year, it will be on the last ones you get to celebrate.

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