Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where da BC at?

So the more talk there is about the lack of DER OBAMA's birth certificate. I'll believe a good conspiracy theory most days. And I thought this one was tin foil hat territory. But the more I think about it the more I start to think there's something not quite right here. Where is all the non-official evidence. Were there no pictures of the joyous occasion of the LORD SAVIOR OBAMA's immaculate birth? A scrapbook? A photo album? A post card congratulating Mama Barrack?

It's as if little Hussein was born in a vacuum somewhere in Hawaii and nobody else on the planet knew about it. Where was Hussein Sr.? Where was Hussein's grandmother, the person who raised him? She was a well established member of the Hawaii upper class, a bank VP. You'd think someone of that prominence would have had a welcoming party or something like that. At least someone who knew her, a friend, a colleague, a neighbor would have been told of the birth and could corroborate it today. Yet, not a single piece of evidence of any of these people being at the hospital? What about the doctors or nurses at the hospital? You'd think or one or two of them could corroborate the event? It's not like it was John Smith who was born. The name Barrack Hussein Obama would probably stick out a little. Especially in 1961 and especially given the inter racial birth.

So we have no birth certificate and not a single human being alive who can corroborate the birth. Hmmm

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