Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Men in Black

Every now and then the courts make a good call. 90% of the time the activist judges of America simply rubber stamp the leftist agenda. But every now and then judges think through and issue instead of using emotion, as the Wise Latina loves to do.

A federal court - the DC court of appeals no less - has struck down the ridiculous notion of "Net Neutrality". Talk about Orwellian language. There is nothing neutral about "net neutrality". It's nothing more than the government confiscating property in the guise of fairness for all. It's about as neutral the fairness doctrine is fair.

And for making the right call, I top my hat to you justices.

Now maybe a Wise Latina is lurking somewhere that will have the same common sense and strike down the mother of all abominations...ObamaCare.

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