Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No We Won't

I am starting to get have some faith in the American public. They voted for a communist without realizing he was a communist. That's OK. Americans are a stupid people. You can't get mad at a retarded child for being retarded. And that is what the American public is these days. 16 year children with IQs of 55. They can walk, talk, feed and clothe themselves. But not much else. Ask them to solve a problem that requires even a modicum of rational thought and they run off screaming and banging their heads on the nearest wall.

But even a retarded child has its breaking point. A retarded child knows the stove is hot. He may have to learn the lesson the hard way a few times. But eventually he knows to stay away. This is happening to the American retarded child. He got burned with Cap and Trade. He got burned with the $1T giveaway to ACORN and Union Thugs known as the stimulus. And now on the takeover of health care the American retarded child knows something just isn't right. He knows he has to stay away from the stove. So he screams, grunts and makes a fuss whenever it comes into sight.

I'm proud of you Americans. You're learning. Not all of you of course. A good solid 30-40% of you imbeciles still think touching the hot stove will yield a positive result despite the intense searing pain you experience every time you touch it. But it seems like there is a glimmer of hope that the rest of you have come to realize that when you touch the stove it fucking hurts and you'll stay away. Hopefully for a good long while.

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