Monday, August 24, 2009

But they do it, so there

The liberal imbeciles and the MSM (but I repeat myself) have a neat little 3rd grade retort to those who oppose ObamaCare. You see ObamaCare would deny service to people based on rules implemented and arbitrated by bureaucrats in the Obama administration. The retort is yeah but insurance companies deny service too.

And this is an outright lie. Much like the outright lie that 50 million people have no insurance, a number which has repeatedly been shown to be 10-12 million. But I digress.

The lie in this context is this. Insurance companies can dent you PAYMENT. If an insurance company denies PAYMENT, you can still get the procedure and pay for it yourself. Yeah it might be expensive, it might get you into a whole lot of debt. But you get to live. Under ObamaCare, the government decides whether or not you get the PROCEDURE. And if Dear Leader says NYET, there is no option B. That's it. You live with the pain or maybe you don't live at all.

See the difference? For liberals the answer is huh? For the rest of you, I think you catch my drift.

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