Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So, do you still want to hear him out?

Shortly after the election, my view was that Obama would turn out to be worse than anyone's worst dream. I said he would be a fascist with socialist tendencies. I was told repeatedly that I was over reacting, he wouldn't be so bad and that I should give him a chance before making any decisions.

OK. It's been 7 months. In that time he has

- created a Stasi like program where citizens are encouraged to spy on fellow citizens and send emails to flag@whitehouse.gov if they catch someone daring to speak out against THE ONE. Luckily for us, the administration is full of incompetent union boss types and they can't execute anything well. Like most union boss thugs, they only know brute force. When it comes to technology, they fuck up and get caught red handed.. But even when they do get caught, they still deny. Just like they did in East Germany.

- taken over the American auto industry by now controlling 80% of GM and 70% of Chrysler

- taken over the American banking system by controlling majority stakes in several US banks

- attempted to (and still attempting) to take over the entire US health care industry, that makes up close to 20% of the GDP

- has spent more money in 7 months than George W. Bush spent in his entire 1st term, and Bush was known as a bit of a free spender or so the Daily Kos morons told me

So how's that whole give him the benefit of the doubt thing working out for you?

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