Monday, August 17, 2009

The stupidity of the liberal Democrat

If i hear one more imbecile in the Obama administration talk about competition I will scream. Kathleen Sebelius is the filthy fascist's propagandist in chief for the govt health care takeover. She is the former governor of Kansas. Which is odd since I thought Kansas was populated by sane people who would never vote in a radical like her. She was choice #2 for the role. If you recall Tommy Boy Daschle was choice #1. But he like 35% of all Obama cabinet members is a tax cheat and because of that didn't make the cut.

Anyway the shrew Sebelius has a talking point that is thrown about every 30 seconds. That is the public option co-op is necessary as competition to the health insurance companies. Uh huh. That would be true if there were only one insurance company. But there are several insurance companies that already compete with each other. Off the top of my head there is BC/BS, Humana, Aetna, Kaiser Permanente and United. They all offer thousands of plans, both group and individual among them.
Yet the way Obama and Co. portray it there is "THE HEALTH INSURANCE INDUSTRY" as if it is one monolith monopolistic entity that must be broken up a la AT&T. There is more competition in health insurance than most industries. We don't need to spend $1T in taxpayer money to bring along one more entrant into the market run by the govt.

And not be accused of being totally partisan with blinders on to opposing ideas, I think there are some things Obama has proposed that are worthwhile. Not being denied coverage for pre-existing condition. I can dig that. But at the same time pre-existing conditions cost more to treat. So the premiums have to reflect that. And yes, that means someone who had cancer and beat it will pay $5000 a month in premiums. That won't work for most people. So I would be OK with having a mechanism where govt subsidized health insurance premiums for people who have had serious things go wrong. But this is a hell of a lot different than having govt actually run things. It's like food stamps. The govt subsidizes people who can't (in theory) afford to buy food. The govt doesn't go out and open up Obama Groecery.

Keep the free market system operating with govt assistance to those on the margins and I think everyone will be happy. Liberals are happy as everyone is covered. Conservatives are happy as the govt stays out of the health care business. Problem is Obama doesn't want compromise. He doesn't give a shit about health coverage. He wants control. And because of that he will never sign on to something like I suggested.

And speaking of stupid....wasn't Obama supposed to be the smartest man since smart was invented or something? So how does such a smart guy screw up his dream of health care "reform"? He outsourced the bill writing to Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank. Smart? No. Idiotic? YES WE CAN!

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