Saturday, August 1, 2009

Clunkers are a clunkin

Less on in the law of unintented consequences:

The filthy Kenyan fascist gives you $4500 to trade in your car that is worth $1500 if you buy a shiny new Prius or other econo shitbox that gets good mileage but will paralyze or kill, should you ever be involved in a serious accident.

You were going to sell the old for 1$500 to some shlub that can't afford any more than $1500 but needs a car to get around. You clunker ain't much but it gets one from point A to point B and that's all the shlub needs.

The shlub now has no car since he can't afford $4500. And he can't buy anything under $4500 because that is the floor for any used car in the country today. After all if the filthy Kenyan will give you $4500, you'd be mad to sell it for anything less.

Poor shlub has no car. No car = no job. Hello unemployment. Hello welfare.

But you got a nice shiny new enviro friendly car out of the deal. Huzzah for you.

And here I though the filthy Kenyan and his Democrat cohorts were out looking out for the best interests of the poor and minorities. Instead they are providing a $4500 subsidy to middle and upper middle class white liberals who buy a Prius.

I could almost see the logic in this program if it were limited to US made cars. It would still be a bad idea, but at least somewhat justified by creating demand for US based manufacturing. But since to get the $4500 you have to buy an econoshitbox, and most econoshitboxes are foreign made, the vast majority of the $4B now slated to be spent on the program will go to Japanese, Korean and European companies. And American made cars and trucks will continue to sit idle.

Stupidity thy name is liberal Democrat.


Todd McDaniel said...

You will enjoy this one. "Thank God for Obama cause he made it possible."

Ed said...

God bless the dear leader.