Friday, August 14, 2009

Dems and Death

No, not what you're thinking. This isn't about the death panels Obama will set up to decide if Aunt Sylvia gets the thumbs up or down health care treatment.

This is about another kind of death imposed on the populace by Democrats. Death to once vibrant cities. Cities such as Detroit and Buffalo. As hard as it may be to believe those cities along with Flint, St Louis, Cleveland etc were once nice places. People had good jobs. Crime was manageable.

Then one day these people collectively decided to vote for liberal Democrats. And for the next 50 years, their cities declined to the point of this:

DAYTON, Ohio -- Here's an idea for saving Rust Belt cities: Tell bloggers and radio stations to stop calling your town a basket case.

That was one suggestion from representatives of eight of the 10 cities labeled last year as America's fastest dying. They met at the Dayton Convention Center last weekend to swap ideas about how to halt the long skid that's turned cities like Detroit, Cleveland and Buffalo, N.Y., into shorthand for dystopia.

The city representatives lunched on $6 sloppy Joes and commiserated through Power Point strategy sessions: Lure back former residents, entice entrepreneurs and artists, convert blighted pockets into parkland.

What emerged was a sense of desperation over the difficulty of rebounding from both real problems -- declining populations, dwindling tax bases -- and perceived woes.

And what's the very first idea raised by the imbeciles running the cities? Why none other than squelching 1st Amendment rights of bloggers.

Here are my ideas:

1. Stop voting for Democrats. Every one of these cities is now and has been run by Democrats. Like everything else touched by Democrats - Medicare, Social Security, USPS, Amtrak, Publik Edumacation - your cities have turned to shit.

2. Stop embracing unions. Unions are what killed manufacturing in the country and is killing what little of it is left. A high school droppout making $30 an hour as a unionized factory worker may seem like a win for the city. Until the owner of the factory moves the whole operation to Sri Lanka and pays $30 a week.

3. Emphasize education to your kids. Instead of indoctrinating them with gay studies, enviro studies, the white man is evil studies, teach them how to read. Teach them how to write. Teach them read world skills that can be applied to more than community organizing techniques.

4. Stop wasting time and effort on PowerPoint presentations. I have sat through more PP presentations than I care to remember. I can't think of one that actually contributed anything to my life. Every asshole mid-level manager feels this need to give a 45 minute PP presentation that contains the same information that could be dispensed in a 5 sentence email. Damn you Bill Gates for creating this nightmare upon the world.

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