Monday, August 31, 2009

Burn baby burn

Is it wrong to have a sense of satisfaction and the fires in California? Just something hearwarming knowing that thousands, if not tens of thousands of do-good "green" Obama voting filth will have thier lives turned upside down. It is the very "green" bullshit laws that cause these wildfires to happen. Because of "green" initiatives firefighters can do controlled burns. They can't clear dead brush. No, you see that would kill a molusc somewhere. So instead they leave the forests just begging for wildfires every year. Just like everything else that liberal touch, it turns to shit.

And here's something else I'm wondering about. All throughout out Katrina, I was led to believe George Bush a) created the hurricane and b) hated black people because he didn't jump into the flood to personally help. OK fine. But where is the Dear Leader while California burns? Oh yeah, I remember now. He's playing golf. And the state run media is silent as usual.

Keep on burning baby. And can a brother please get a 9.7 earthquake to hit that cesspool call California already? Come on nature, what the hell are you waiting for?

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