Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Are the sheeple waking up

Maybe. Look at this trend. Take a few seconds to load. Not looking so good for the filthy fascist. I think what is most valuable here is to look at what polling firm can you trust. There are some insane outliers there, like CNN's 84% approval rating. Uh, yeah thanks there CNN, I'll have to remember to ignore everything you say. Oh wait, I already do. The worst is CBS. They are the plots at the very bottom of the disapproval trend line. Pathetic as usual from Dan Rather's former employer. And not surprising.

So it seems like even with the non-stop media adoration of this filthy ascist from Kenya, a substantial proportion of the American sheeple have woken up. Unfrotunately it is too late. He's bankrupted the country. And he has at minumum another 1.5 years to do as he pleases with a Democrat rubber stamp in Congress.

How's that hope and change going for you now morons? Get ready for 60% tax rates and a nice lady from the Department of Health Care, working in the Barrack Obama Center for Medical Studies, telling you that lump in your breast is nothing to worry about. Just take a couple of Tylenol and fill out this living will.

It's the future. You voted for it. Now suffer.

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