Friday, August 28, 2009


So are Dems this stupid? Take a health care bill that has been dying in popularity. Then name it after an inbred, obese, pill popping drunk who killed a woman due to drunk driving. And that's going to make it popular again? Yes I said inbred. Look at the Kennedys. They all look the same. Generation after generation. The women all look like horses, the men all look like JFK. I realize elite families like to "keep it in the family" but come on. This is just grotesque.

PS: Did I read this right? Obama is so stressed out from his vacation at the $25M summer house on Cape Cod that he needs a vacation from his vacation and will take another week at Camp David? Man, talk about a man of the people.

Bush played a round of golf and the media went ape shit. OZero plays golf for a week straight and then decides to take another week off. Media says: awwwww look at that cute dog.

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