Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ya Think?

This is how much faith the federal government has in its people these days. After discovering that the peanut butter you bought may contain salmonella, what should you do? In case you are grappling with that hard question, the government has an answer for you

Officials: Toss salmonella-linked peanut butter

MINNEAPOLIS – Health officials are urging nursing homes, hospitals, schools, universities and restaurants to toss out specific containers of peanut butter linked to a salmonella outbreak in 43 states.

Phew. Good thing these "OFFICIALS" are around. Who knows what I might have done without them. I might have eaten the peanut butter. I may have given it away to my neighbor. I might have made peanut butter cookies with it. I never would have thought of throwing it away. Man, where do they come up with these genius ideas? They must have some very talented, smart people working for the government these days.

This government agency, full of Mensa members surely needs a 30% increase in its budges, ASAP. O-bambi, are you listening?


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