Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Coronation

As I'm sure all of you have heard, there will be the coolest most awesomest, most rockingest coronation happening on Jan 20th. The Messiah will have adoring fans crowded into the Mall to watch him speak. It will be history. It will be record breaking. It will be unprecedented.

But look at the photo of Reagan's first inauguration. Looks pretty packed to me with people all the way back to the Washington memorial. If you haven't seen the Mall in person, that is a long way, about a mile. I realize the Chosen One was the best candidate ever, is the best president-elect ever and will be the best president ever according to the MSM. But come on people, let's have a little perspective. It's not like this is the first inauguration where people showed up in droves for crying out loud.

Personally I think the inauguration frenzy - regardless of who it is - is very odd given that the country was founded by overthrowing a king. And yet every 4 years, people cheer on the coronation of the new king. No other country - at least no other democratic country - has a celebration for the new leader. The US inauguration is bizarre and to me goes against everything the country once stood for...liberty, individuality, freedom. It is fitting today though. The US is nothing but a bunch of lazy, stupid moochers these days whose first instinct is to look to the government for help. There is not a shred left of anything resembling individuality or liberty left. And so it makes sense that the moron zombies cheer on their leader who promises to give them everything they ever desired and then some.


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