Saturday, January 3, 2009


Obama has it 1/2 right. He is saying unemployment could hit 10% in 2009. Correct. See I give credit to that piece of worthless trash when he deserves it. The half that's wrong is he thinks it won't get that high if he spends his $1T on caulking windows and fixing potholes.

What Obama and most of his fellow Chicago thugs don't get is this; you can spend $1T or $10T and it won't make a bit of difference. This country is headed into a depression. Period. You cannot have a trillion dollar .com bubble followed by a 3 trillion dollar housing bubble and not pay a serious price. The US was on a 10 year binge of reckless behavior. It will take at least that long, if not more to sober up.

Americans just don't understand that not everything can be fixed overnight. After decades of being bombarded with commercials that tell you how to lose 30 lbs in a week, grow a full head of hair overnight, eliminate your debt in 2 months, Americans simply don't understand time reality anymore. Oh we have a recession? No problem. We'll just vote for a communist and he will turn the economy around in a week. I saw a commercial about it and it looked pretty legit to me.

Well, just like you can't get the 6 pack by eating cheeseburgers every day as the commercials claim, you can't transform an economy overnight either. The only way to get the US economy back on track is let it wither. We need to get all the excesses out. That means no more luxury SUVs for people making $40K a year. That means no more $700 jeans for anyone other than the select few people who can actually afford $700 jeans. That means no more $500 phones for 18 year olds. And most of all it means no more credit for a while. No more credit cards. No more car loans. No more mortgages. No more $0 down and only $29 a month for the next 100 months bullshit. If you don't have cash to buy it, sorry you don't get it. It's a tough concept to handle, I know. But humanity somehow survived for tens of thousands of years without MasterCard. I think we can do it again.

Spending $1T on caulking windows and fixing potholes - of which $250B will be siphoned off to Obama's union cronies in Chicago by the way - is the equivalent of using gum to stop a leak in Hoover Dam. It is window dressing at best. At worst it is just delaying the true doomsday.

Politically he will show he cares. He will show the masses that he is "doing something". And the drooling imbeciles in the heartland will grunt and think wow that fellow really does care for me. And then they will go cash the welfare check and all will be well.


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