Thursday, January 8, 2009

Simply put, Democrats are idiots

On the notion of cutting taxes for businesses that hire people:

Sen John Kerry, D-Mass., said, "I'd rather spend the money on the infrastructure, on direct investment, on energy conversion, on other kinds of things that much more directly, much more rapidly and much more certainly create a real job."

Hmmm so this imbecile of a man thinks that conserving energy (by inflating tires as Obama suggested?)is a more effective way to create jobs than providing an incentive for companies to hire. This is the brain trust that will be running things for the next 20-30 years. Yes it will be 20-30 years since the average American is even stupider than Kerry and will continue to vote for this kind of fiscal insanity.

Enjoy the $1T deficits every year over the next two decades. Enjoy the descent to third world status. But hey, you are getting hope and change. You voted for a Chicago communist to run things, you deserve the hell that's coming with it.



Scott said...

Friday should be good... I can see the headlines now... "Unemployment claims rise unexpectedly to 620,000"

The consensus estimate is 500K, I see 620K. But the media will be shocked.

Ed said...

524K. Woo hoo. The recession is over. Can we now not spend $1T on caulking windows?