Friday, January 9, 2009

Stupidity Defined

Here is CNN with another list of poor slobs who have been affected by...cute ominous muic "the worst economy since the Great Depression.

Here is Fool #1 who used to make $55,000 a year. And here is how this poor, poor lad has to cope these days after having been laid off.

Even the definition of 'splurge' has taken on new meaning for me. Before, splurging could mean a shopping trip at Saks or a weekend trip, but now it could be a cup of coffee or a full meal out.

Say what now? You made $55,000 a year and you splurged at Saks? Son, let me tell you something. $55,000 a year is lower to middle class. Saks is upper middle class to wealthy. You have no business stepping foot in a Saks store, let alone going on a trip to Saks.

Moron couple is up next. What is the worst part about being in the (cue music) WORST ECONOMY SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION?

The freedom to go shopping, take a trip or do anything without planning far in advance.

Fool #2 He used to make a whopping $47,000 a year. Now he doesn't. What does he miss most about his old life?

There are no big luxury items anymore; no small ones either

Again, you make $47K a year. You are lower middle class. You should never have had a luxury, let alone luxuries.

This is why I have absolutely zero sympathy for people who are so-called struggling. For years they lived a life way beyond their means. Their entire lives were focused on shopping, shopping, shopping and more shopping. I would love to see the cars in the driveways of these poor poor folks. I'll bet anything they all have cars that were at least $50K new and an minimum 60" plasma in the living room.

All these people can go fuck themselves. They were stupid, very stupid. And now they are paying the price for their stupidity. All the bailouts and stimulus packages in the world will not help thee degenerate pieces of filth. They can all go to hell as far as I'm concerned or starve on the street for that matter.


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