Tuesday, January 6, 2009

PC run amok

Obama has announced his pick for surgeon general. And the winner is....a guy who plays a doctor on TV. Sanjay Gupta is the new Surgeon General. Name sound familiar? That's because you might have seen him on CNN as a medical reporter.

He's a good pick as far as Obama goes. Gupta like Obama, is vastly unqualified. He has little if any experience as a doctor - aside from playing one on TV. He is not a white male. And most of all he speaks well and looks good on TV.

This entire administration is turning into a Hollywood casting call for a movie. Doesn't matter if the actors know anything about the roles they will play, like president or surgeon general. All that matters is that the cast is diverse and photogenic. Can anyone really believe that out of the tens of thousands of doctors in this country, the best he could find was one who is a CNN reporter? I mean come on. Is the American public really this far down the looking glass that they can't even tell the difference between TV doctors and real doctors anymore? The Surgeon General is not just some figurehead. He will be involved in setting health care policy at a very high level. And as much as Dr. Gupta knows about the ins and outs of celebrity medical issues, I somehow don't see that bringing much to the table when dealing with real world problems. What the hell's next? R. Lee Remmy as the next Joint Chiefs of Staff? Actually that wouldn't be a bad idea.

Take a moment and imagine the reaction that will come from this ragtag bunch of incompetents when the terrorist attacks start. Actors in movies read scripts and look forceful. There will be no script for Obama. There will be no teleprompter telling him what to do. Thousands of people will perish and he will be sitting in the oval office looking for his next line.

This country is fucked. Hope you enjoy the change. I'll enjoy watching the destruction myself. Just hope Loading up on popcorn starting on 1.21.09. I mean come on people, Al Franken as a Senator? Obama as President? Dr. Hupta, People Magazine's sexiest TV reporter as Surgeon General? It can't be anything but a comedy.


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