Friday, October 26, 2007

Bernake to Dollar: DROP DEAD

Well it looks like another rate cut is a done deal. Wall St loves it of course. Get ready for $5 gas next year as the dollar will probably slide to 0.60 territory. I'm loading up on silver and gold.

Contrast and compare gold, silver and the S&P500. When rates are cut, stocks do well. But metals do even better. If the federal govt is hell bent on destroying its currency, nothing I can do about it. Nothing you can do about it. However you can profit from it and metals is the way to do it.

This will be a short pop and silver/gold will skyrocket. Buy now, sell a week from today. By next Monday people will once again realize that a rate cut will not solve any of the fiscal/monetary issues plaguing us right now. Sub-prime will still be here. The war and it's never ending costs will still be here. The $10T debt will still be here. The negative US savings rate will still be here.

Invest wisely and profit from this madness.

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