Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Carefull what you wish for

As I am reading about the upcoming round of soak the rich tax increases from Auntie Hillary and Uncle Charlie (Rangel) I can't help but think a lot of bluer than blue middle class people will be hit hard. The so-called progressives in New York, Boston, Seattle and San Francisco come to mind. In those cities $100K a year is barely middle class. Secretaries make $75K in many instances. What is considered "making it" in 80% of the country is considered barely getting by in coastal cities. It is also where tolerant and progressive Democrats win elections by 45% margins over kitten-eating Republicans.

However if you listen to the rhetoric, according to Auntie Hillary and Uncle Charlie anyone making over $75K a year is no different than Bill Gates. Both are rich and need to be taxed more. Both are rich and need to pay their fair share. Auntie Hillary and Uncle Charlie want to raise both income and payroll taxes on these "rich" people. Now of course that $75K a year lifelong Kennedy voting Boston secretary doesn't think she's rich. Nor does the Palo Alto, CA $115K a year engineer who drives a Prius with a RE-elect Gore bumper sticker. Both of them shout Amen when Edwards or Auntie Hillary talk about bringing equality to the people. Both praise Jesus when Obama talks about tax fairness and raising taxes on the "rich" in order to fund daycare or national health care for the nation's urchins. What the two don't realize is that they are the ones who will be taxed. They are the "rich" in the Hillary/Edwards/Obama/Rangel narrative.

It will be interesting to see what happens when Judy Secretary's paycheck magically has $500 missing from it starting sometime in mid-2009. Wonder what she'll think about it. And I wonder what Bobby Engineer's reaction will be when $800 goes missing from his paycheck. It'll make that $7 Mocha Frappucino a little harder to swing every day dontchathink?. Auntie Hillary will be in the White House and Aunt Nancy and Uncle Harry will be leading Congress. So the reflexive BLAME BUSH for all your troubles will no longer be an option. Quite a conundrum for these two paragons of progressive thinking I dare say.


rain man said...

Lots of these people would gladly pay more.

Ed said...

Rain man,

I think they think they would like to pay more. When the paychecks start shrinking for real, I suspect many will have a change of heart.

If not oh well, they'll be happy I suppose.