Monday, October 8, 2007

Gubermint Translation

Since we are knee deep in election mode, every politician out there is talking about reform. Reform of course is a codeword that means TAX MY ASS SOME MORE

Social Security reform = raise social security taxes on me while lowering my benefits all in the name of saving this beast of a Ponzi scheme that should have been taken out behind the shed years ago

Immigration reform = allow illegals to stay here and collect welfare, receive free education, free health care all by raising my taxes;

Tax reform = raise my taxes by removing my deductions, but make it seem like you are doing me a favor by saving me an hour a year since I won't have all those pesky forms to fill out; I don't mind spending a few hours on TurboTax every April if it means I pay less

Health Care reform = raise my taxes so everyone can have "FREE" health care including of course the beneficiaries of Immigration reform

Welfare reform = allow more people to qualify for welfare and tax me some more to pay for it

How about instead of that we try reforming this?

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