Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Miami, we have a problem

Median real estate asking price declines compared to this time last year.

Miami down 11.6%

Orlando down 10.0%

Cleveland down 7.9%

Boston down 5.9%

Detroit down 20.0% (no that is not 2.0, that is 20.0)

Las Vegas down 9.1%

New York down 2.4%

San Jose down 8.0%

Irvine, CA down 11.0%

Los Angeles down 7.1%

Riverside, CA down 14.0%

Minneapolis down 6.0%

Baltimore down 9.1%

Salt Lake City down 2.9%

Phoenix down 10.5%

Washington, DC down 11.0%

Oh but the housing crash is only restricted to a few parts of the country. Yeah a few parts like the west coast, mountain region, Midwest, east coast and Florida. Barely noticeable.

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