Monday, October 1, 2007

No, I wasn't drunk....but I think I may actually have agreed wih Hillary

Seeing how I am a political nerd I was one of 7 people in the world that watched the Democrats debate last week. Actually I watched it tape delayed on CSPAN or PBS or something. Anyway I caught a bit of them debating on how to "FIX" Social Security. Now of course any time you hear a politician, especially a Democrat, say "fix" that means increase my taxes.

Not to be denied, all the Dems had their own "fixes" ready to go. Edwards would raise the $97,500 cap and make those evil millionaires "pay their fair share". Never mind that the top 10% of income earners already pay 70% of all federal taxes, for Johnie E. that's not enough.

And of course the evil rich people would pay all this extra tax money but get no extra SS benefits, ie. turning SS into yet another welfare program. Obama was on board too of course. Being slightly left of Lenin, Obama has never seen a tax he didn't like nor a "rich" person who wasn't taxed enough.

Now this is where the eyebrows went up. Old Hills didn't say she wanted to raise the cap, nor raise the tax rate. She was pressed over and over and stuck to her guns. She didn't say she WOULDN'T raise the tax rate or the cap. So she could very well do it.

Then again she also said she wants to give every baby born in the USA (including the off-spring of illegal, err undocumented err un-paperized or whatever the hell the PC term du jour is) $5000. Yerp just straight out a check for $5Gs. Politicians always buy votes, but this ridiculous.

What I propose is everyone in the country gets a check for $100,000,000. Then we will all be rich. Make the minimum wage $1000 an hour as well. You see, problem solved. No more poor people. If $5000 per person is a good idea, why isn't $100,000,000 per person? If $7.25 min wage is a good idea, why isn't $1000?

Yea Yea, I know, I an evil, heartless person who doesn't understand the plight of the less fortunate...blah blah blah.

PS: Republicans for the most part suck as well. No matter what letter they have next to their name, chances are they will spend too much of my money on crap.

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