Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Not that I would but if I had to

which Dems would I support?

Sean piqued my thought process with his post on Hillary so here are my picks:

Bill Richardson: He's from New Mexico and I dig that. Harry Reid is from Nevada so just cuz you hail from a big empty desert state doesn't always mean good things. But he's NOT from NY or Illinois and that's a good thing in my humble opinion. He has cut taxes as governor of New Mexico. He has said numerous times he does not support eliminating the Social Security cap. He is a 2nd. Amendment kind of guy, again being from NM and not NY/Illinois makes a difference. He is weak on illegal immigration and he wants to raise taxes to pre-Bush levels. Hey he is a Democrat after all.

He's Hispanic he's a centrist and he's from a swing state with lots of Hispanics that borders another swing state, Colorado, with lots of Hispanics . Hillary would be crazy not to pick him as the VP nominee. She will get 95% of the black vote no matter what. She will win Illinois no matter what so there is no need to pick Obama. Richardson is the only logical choice for her.

Joe Biden: Yes he is a liberal but there is something about him that I like. If I hear Hillary or Edwards or Kerry speak I want to throw something at the TV and run out of the house screaming incoherently. With Biden I don't get that feeling. I think he is a genuine guy who would do the right thing (in his mind) and not be uber political about it. He doesn't have a prayer of course for either the #1 or #2 but I still like him.

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