Monday, October 29, 2007

Social Security Garbage

This article encapsulates every socialist stupid suggestion on how to save SS.

My first question whenever reading anything about saving the beast is why? Why save something that should never have existed to begin with? SS is the ultimate Ponzi scheme. If you were lucky enough to get into the game in the 30s or 40s you are sitting pretty. You got out a lot more than you put in, ie you were at the top of the pyramid. Were you to get in on the scam in the 50s, 60s or 70s you'll break even. Anyone like me who joined the scheme in the 90s...well say hello negative return. I'll be paying 12.4% of my income forever so Grampa Joe can play golf 24/7/365 in Florida. Were I to do what the federal govt does in the name of SS, I would be arrested and rightfully sent to jail.

All that aside it is always the same story on how to "save" it. Tax the rich of course. Guys like Robert M. Ball are talking out of both sides of their mouths. On the one had they glowingly speak of SS as a program everyone loves. Well sure they love it since they think they are getting back what they put in. But what if you dare make over $100K a year. And what if one day you pay 12.4% on all your earnings but get back only the amount as if you were making $100K.

That is what the great solution is. Tax me on my entire income but only give me credit for the first $100K when you calculate my benefits. Hey but why should that bother me. I am in a small minority of only 6%. I won't care. And if I do care, so what. I'll be outvoted by the other 94%. In other words SS will become just one more welfare program where I subsidize others. Soon enough it will be a fully fledged welfare program where anyone making above $100K or so will be inelgigible to collect any benefits because well, we're so damned rich. In addition I can see a day when if you have any substantial assets, like say a 401k balance of $250,000 you get no SS benefits. Doesn't matter if you have contributed all your life. You are rich and are shit out of luck.

You think there is tax evasion now? Just wait until every dollar over $100K is taxed at 50%+ when you include federal/state/social security and medicare taxes. There won't be an IRS building big enough to employ all the agents that will be needed to track down all the undeclared income if this insanity takes hold.

Once again those that succeed are penalized. Those that fail are rewarded. Work hard and your reward is a big fuck you from the government. Do nothing all your life and your reward is a big monthly check from the government. Anyone who thought capitalism won the cold war was dead wrong. We won a battle but we are losing the war. Karl Marx is smiling right now.

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