Friday, October 26, 2007

Socialism creep

Here is a recent poll taken by the LA Times about health care that should disturb any capitalist. Asked whose responsibility it is to pay for one's health care:

29% - Government
24% - Individuals
23% - Employers

So over 50% of Americans now believe someone else is responsible for their well being. Makes sense I suppose. Government is responsible for the education of their kids. Government is responsible for their retirement. Makes perfect sense that government (or their employer) should now be responsible for their health care as well. God forbid people be responsible for taking care of themselves. No, no, no. Not in 21st Century America. That is old fashioned, mean spirited, (and probably racist/sexist/homophobic) thinking.

When will this ever end? Should government be responsible for every aspect of my life? Why not? All we have to do is tax the rich at 90% and all our problems will be solved. Can't afford cable? No worries Hillary will get it to you free of charge. After all cable is an educational tool for the urchins of America and should be mandatory. Running low on funds to take the urchins to Chuck E Cheese this weekend? Hillary's new $5000 per kid should do the trick quite nicely. Maybe even have a little left over for a pair of $300 Nike shoes.

So just keep voting for socialists and your life will be perfect. You will not need to worry about a thing. Auntie Hillary will run your life for you and you can just relax.

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