Thursday, October 18, 2007

What's a measly $10 BILLION in Washington?

More MSM lies and spin from a Time Magazine article on the SCHIP bill:

As with so many disputes in Washington, the actual difference is dollar terms is fairly small: Bush supports a $25 billion expansion of SCHIP, while Democrats insist on a $35 billion increase.

Fairly small? HUH? Since when did $10B (10 thousand million for those of you who gradumalated from publik skools) become fairly small? It is amazing that the same members of the liberal media who can tell you to the penny the cost of the war in Iraq, blow off $10B like it's pocket change. I wonder if they would be so non-chalant about a $10B increase in military spending or $10B increase in border security. I believe a border fence could be built for about $10B. But if I recall that was too much money for the editors of Time, NY Times, LA Times and the rest of the usual suspects. But when it comes to government insurance for children whose parents make $83,000 a year and already have insurance....well shit then no expense should be spared.

It is this kind of attitude that has led to the fiscal mess we're in. $10B here, $3B there, a bridge to nowhere here, a $700,000 study on cow farts there. Hey no biggie, it's all "fairly small". However when you add add thousands of "fairly small" things you end up with a very big thing.

And why is it that Bush only "supports" $25B yet the Democrats "insist" on $35B? Bush is a puppy eating meanie. He is in bed with the kitty eating CEOs of BC/BS and Aetna so his heart is not really into it. On the other hand the adorable, loving, Grandma of 5, Nancy "Sweet Sunshine" Pelosi, insists on insuring every child. I have an idea Nancy. After you're done insuring the kiddies, how about buying them a new Wii for Christmas (oops there I go again, I meant for the non-denominational Winter Festival)? At $300 a piece, all 10 million urchins could get a new Wii for fairly small sum of $3B. Think how many votes you can win with that bribe...err social program.

Ain't the Democrats just grand?

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