Thursday, October 25, 2007

Yeah I know, I'm heartless

I don't care about the fires in California. There I've said it. I must be some insensitive asshole who doesn't care that people are suffering. No, I feel bad for the people in the way of the fires. And I am not minimizing the work the firefighters are doing or the seriousness of it all. I just don't care to watch it 24/7 on CNN.

Natural disasters in general don't interest me. And I think that's because they occur so frequently. They're not newsworthy or interesting. Every year there are a bunch of tornadoes that wipe out a small town in Kansas or Missouri. Tragic? Definitely. Every year a hurricane or two slam Florida (although not this year which the global warming extremists said would be a record year). And every time it happens it's the same thing. Some CNN newbie trying to be the next Arthur Kent dodging scuds instead dodging flying lawn chairs and telling us that it's really windy out there. Repeat for 72 hours ad nauseum then pack up and go home once the sun comes out.

Same with raging fires in California. Again, tragic, certainly. Although given the fact Cali is in foreclosure heaven I have a feeling a few of those "owners" of the burned down homes aren't too sad....see I told you I'm heartless. But all that aside it is nothing new. Raging fires happen in California every year. And every 2-3 years the fires get way out of control and there are mass evacuations. And the CNN lackey is there on the scene every time "reporting" the same story. I mean hell, you could just take the script from 2003, change the dates and rebroadcast it verbatim. Nobody would know the difference. Actually I take that back. In 2003 the fires were caused by nature. In 2007 the fires were caused by Bush. He was working in the same secret CIA lab where he created Katrina....or so the left-wing blogosphere would have me believe.

What I would like to the MSM report on is **WHY** these fires are happening in California all the time? There are strong winds and forests all over the country. Why does this sort of thing always happen in California but nowhere else? Why does it never happen in Pennsylvania or Maine or North Carolina? Plenty of forests there yet I can't ever recall a million people being evacuated from Charlotte or Pittsburgh due to a fire. Could it have something to do with the insane enviro laws in California that prevent clearing the forests of brush and using controlled burns? Maybe California's winds and trees are special somehow. I don't know. But these are the kinds of things a "reporter" is supposed to report on. . But no, that would be real journalism and it would take some effort. It's much easier to just say "WOW look at those fires, isn't that incredible?" for a week.

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