Thursday, November 8, 2007


Whenever there is a heat wave, the MSM falls over itself telling me how hot it is. And of course it is always played as yet more proof of global warming. They never do the reverse however. When there is a cold snap, you don't see CNN with a BREAKING NEWS banner about the cold. Of course not. That would be contrary to their global warming hysteria.

Either case doesn't prove anything. A few days of really hot weather doesn't prove global warming just like a few days of cold doesn't disprove global warming. I know that. You know that (I hope). But I'll play the MSM game nonetheless.

Today in my neck of the woods the high was 52 degrees. Last night it went down to 27. The normal high should be 65 and the normal low should be 40. Therefore using the MSM conclusion process, I am convinced a new ice age is right around the corner. I propose $500B of new taxes to fight this oncoming catastrophe. And we must elect Al Gore president too.

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