Thursday, November 22, 2007

Must Shop

Tomorrow will be the epitome of the American consumer gone mad. Lining up in the middle of the night in late November to buy shit you don't need at stores that will open a 4:00am. Ooooohhh look I can get a plasma TV for only $1500. Better get to the mall at 11:00 and sleep on the sidewalk so I'm the first in line. Wow what a bargain. If I keep watching the perfectly good TV I bought 2 years ago I might go blind.

I would love to see data on the demographics of the typical Best Buy lineup. What percentage of these people will be using credit to purchase the junk they don't need? And I don't mean use a VISA and then pay it off next month. I mean use a VISA and pay $20 a month until the $1500 is paid off, if it ever gets paid off that is. If that number is under 80% I would be shocked. These are the same people who then tell pollsters they want the government to give them free this and free that.

Hey Bubba, how about you keep the old TV and use that $1500 towards a college fund so that I don't have to pay for your urchin's education? Or how about using that $1500 to pay for your kid's health insurance so I don't have to pay for it via S-CHIP. Or here's a wild idea, use that $1500 to pay your mortgage so you don't foreclose on your house then come crying to me for a bailout. Or an even wilder idea, put that $1500 in an IRA so when you are old and gray you won't be penniless and ask me to feed and clothe you via the Ponzi scheme called Social Security.

Insane thinking I know.

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