Monday, November 26, 2007

Paris is burning once again

Despite the best efforts of the cowardly MSM, the real story is that once again Arab Muslims are rioting in Paris. You will not find the word Muslim or Arab in the AP reports or in the NY Times coverage. According to the AP they are merely French "Youths" rioting. Sure they are French, with names like Mohammed and Mustafah. It isn't Jean-Francois or Pierre out in the streets setting fire to cars.

It will be interesting to see if the new French prez pulls a Chirac and caves in or does what he should. Take a hard line, tell the media and the "world community" to fuck off and nip this thing in the bud before it goes on for 2 months like it did in 2005.

Not to make too much light of of a serious issue, but why do the rioters in Paris always target McDonald's? Yeah I know it is a symbol of evil American imperialism. But so is KFC, so is Burger King and Starbucks, of which there are plenty in Paris. Yet time and time again only McDonald's is attacked by the mobs. Wonder why that is.

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Anonymous said...

"When you fire a shotgun at security forces from 15 metres away, you are not just a rioter. You are someone committing attempted homicide," he said. remember, Rioting = basic run of-the-mill angry youth. Shotguns = "Attempted Homicide".