Sunday, November 25, 2007

Us wacky Libertarians

As usual the MSM misses the point about why self-described libertarians now make 1 in 10 voters. Ron Paul is growing in popularity because the alternatives have been messing things up for decades.

We have a dollar that will soon be used for toilet paper as it will cost less.

We have a $10 Trillion debt that shows no signs of ever being reduced. Bush the so-called conservative has been spending money at a higher rate than LBJ. His pals in Congress, Nancy Pelosi, Kennedy and Harry Reid have been more than happy to assist in the spending.

We have a Social Security and Medicaid system that will be bankrupt in 20 years. The only solutions either of the two parties can come up with is tax tax tax and tax some more in order to save this FDR created monster that should have been slayed long ago.

We have 20 million illegals in this country and nothing being done about sealing off the borders. Instead every month a Democrat introduces an amnesty bill that Bush can't wait to sign into law. And where do the leading Dem and Rep candidates stand on the issue? More of the same.

We have politicians who continually attempt to muzzle free speech at any chance they get. We have other politicians whose holy grail is the confiscation of guns from the American citizenry. And finally we have a group of politicians who think Jesus should direct what happens.

All that and yet the MSM is surprised that a Ron Paul is gaining popularity? Shocking I know. A guy who wants to build a wall on the border, who wants to save the dollar, who wants to significantly cut government and who wants to let people ge out of SS....he is popular? Who woulda thunk it!

Goes to show how out of touch the MSM really is. They live in the Beltway and/or Upper West side bubbles. They have no contact with anyone outside that bubble. They have no clue what is going on in the 99% of the country that isn't DC or NYC.

Truth is the MSM wants a two party system slugging it out. The constant fighting is what sells papers and gets viewers to CNN and Fox News. The endless Hannity and Colmes format works best when you have two parties sticking to their talking points. The MSM doesn't know what to do with someone like Ron Paul. He is for low taxes, but he wants out of Iraq. Does he go on the left of the screen or on the right? Doesn't neatly fit into the script. And that is why the MSM tries its best to dismiss anyone who doesn't neatly fit into LEFT or RIGHT as a crank. A loon. A kook.

This may have worked pre-internet. Not anymore. Your days are numbered Washington Post. You too NY Times. You are in the dying days of your influence.


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul doesn't have a chance. What I hope for is that he gets enough votes to make make Rudy and Romney take note. If he gets 5% and above in some of the primaries he might just get his message out there.

Ed said...

That's more or less what I'm hoping for as well. I first heard about Ron Paul 6 years ago. My reaction was holy shit there is actually a Congressman out there who subscribes to these views? And when I heard he was running for prez, I thought, sure he'll get about as many votes as Donald Duck.

In the last 2 months he has come on fire and while I doubt he'll come even close to winning the nomination, it is refreshing to see a true libertarian in the national spotlight.