Tuesday, November 13, 2007

War is Expensive

And the Dems are right. The new figure now thrown about is $1.5T. Lots of money, no argument. Chuckie Shumer along with Auntie Hillary is shocked about the cost. Never mind they voted for the war. They are shocked. And they are shocked that "our children" will be paying for it for many years to come because it was paid for by borrowing.

Well no shit. That's how all wars are paid for. WW2 was financed. As was WW1 and the Mexican-American war and the Civil War and the Revolutionary War. Iraq is just one more in a long line of wars that was paid for by borrowing money. It is intellectually dishonest for the Dems to use this as an argument.

And has anyone else noticed the anti-war rhetoric has moved on (no pun intended) from anti-Iraq to anti-Iraq and Afghanistan? The far left used to say Iraq was bad because it diverted resources from the real fight against terrorism, Afghanistan. Now all of a sudden Afghanistan is lumped in with Iraq. So fighting Al Qaeda anywhere is now verboten according to the Democrats.

Iraq? No good. Afghanistan? No good. Guantanamo? No good. Arresting muslims accused of plotting to blow up things in the US? No good. Monitoring the calls of said muslims? No good. So the question to Hillary, Obama and the rest becomes...is there ANY fight against Al Qaeda you would support? You are against military action. You are against gathering intelligence. What's left? Only conclusion I can draw is that the Dems simply believe terrorism is not a threat. The Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann and Rosie O'Donnell insanity has permeated the Dems fully. Once again JFK and FDR are rolling in their graves at what has happened to their parties.

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