Sunday, December 30, 2007


Hillary will be president. As the economy enters recession her socialism will become very appealing and she will win with 57% of the popular vote. Democrats will also have a veto-proof Senate. Get ready for unimaginable tax and spend increases in 2009.

Housing will continue to crash. Median price down another 15-20% nationally from today's level.

Stocks will be down severely as a Hillary landslide becomes more and more of a reality. Hardest hit will be drug, health insurance and defence sectors.

As Ben Bernake continues to kill the dollar with lower interest rates, oil will break through $100 and gold will hit $900. Stagflation will be a bitch. I just got a notice that my water rate will go up 11.5% starting January 1st. Are you listening Benny B?

There will be another attempt to give amnesty to illegals. It will fail. Hillary will vote against it before she votes for it before she forgets about how she voted and blames evil white men for ganging up on her.

A natural disaster will occur somewhere in the world. Bush will be blamed for it.

During the summer there will be a week long heat wave with record breaking temperatures. Al Gore will use it as one more example of global warming. CNN will have a "HEAT CRISIS" banner on the screen for the duration of the heat wave.

During the winter there will be a week long cold snap with record breaking cold temperatures. The MSM will say nothing. Al Gore will be silent.

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