Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Gifts

I've noticed this year all the car companies are encouraging us to give cars as gifts. Lexus, Mercedes, Acura, etc all have the same commercials. Buy a car as a gift. When exactly did this phenomenon occur? Exactly when did a $50K car become a Christmas present? Look dear I just went a further $50K into debt, Merry Christmas! This almost makes the Kay campaign (your wife is a whore who will only kiss you if you give her shiny trinkets) tame by comparison.

Damn I swear this addiction to debt is going to tough to give up. And when it's over man is it going to be a tough detox.


Jeremy said...

Jess is getting a "Slam-Man" and sparring gloves from me for Xmas.

Not a joke. She can beat the crap out of a male figure (likely a projection of me being an a-hole) while sculpting her body...its win-win.

I repeat...not a joke - I'll show you the receipt.

Fuck you Kay.

Sean said...

I could see giving a used car as a gift.

Corrie got a Magic Bullet for x-mass.

Anonymous said...

What is this Christmas you all talk about? I think you mean Happy Holidays.