Tuesday, December 18, 2007

David Faber thanks you

I was watching CNBC this morning as I usually do. Same old cheer leading going on. Rah rah stocks.Gimme an R.Gimme an A. Gimme an L. Gimme an L. Gimme a Y. What;s that spell? RALLY!! Wooohoo. Nothing unusual there.

What did catch my eye (ear?) was what David Faber said. He was having a small orgasm about Goldman Sach's numbers. At the tail end he then said how great it was that GS had paid $20B in salaries which was what had sustained the NYC real estate market. And he personally thanked GS for doing so.

This is not journalism. Reporters are not supposed to thank companies for anything. Reporters are supposed to uhm like you know, report. This is the same MSM that didn't wear American flags on their suits because they wanted to be unbiased in the war. So you can't cheer for your country to win a war but you can cheer for Goldman Sachs and for NYC real estate. I see.

CNBC to me is the car accident I can't stay away from. They anger me, I want to throw something at them yet for some reason I keep going back. Damn you Erin Burnett.

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Anonymous said...

ever hear of sarcasm