Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Desperate Realtor TV

This guy says he has so many leads, yet is on YouTube begging for people to call him to get his "secrets". Another lying, broke, desperate realtor who has to resort to MLM scams in order to survive.

Remember the desperation from this guy next time a realtor tells you now is a great time to buy. He'd tell you now is a great time to eat rat poison if it meant he got a commission check.

By 2010 these people will have become what travel agents became. Given the online access to listings, tax records, mortgage information, etc there is absolutely no need to pay 6% comission so someone can drive you around while looking for a home. And yes I know the seller pays the 6% technically. However a seller doesn't pay for anything when he sells. Buyers bring money, therefore buyers pay the comission.

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