Friday, December 14, 2007

Paging Dr. Volker, Paging Dr. Volker, we have a code blue

Consumer Inflation Posts Biggest Gain in Two Years

And Ben Bernake has said the Fed is open to more interest rate cuts. If an engineer were this reckless when designing bridges, he would not only be fired he would be arrested for putting people's lives in danger.

Hey Jorge W. Arbusto, here is a chance to somewhat redeem yourself. Fire his ass and replace him with someone like Paul Volker. The economy is sick and it needs real medicine. That real medicine is high interest rates and a good recession. Just like the body needs a fever to kill the virus, we need a recession to kill the virus that is too much deficit spending. Instead Benny B gives us rate cuts and central bank shell games in a desperate attempt to prop up Goldman Sachs (Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson's old employer) .

Come on Jorge, you've done nothing but fuck things up for the past 5 years. Throw us a bone here.

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