Friday, December 21, 2007


Thanks to the ridiculously low dollar, caused by the excessive rate cuts from Benny B, the USA is on sale. Also thanks to the overspending in this country, particularly on oil and Made in China crap, the Arabs and Chinese have hundreds of billions of dollars that are burning a hole in their pocket. So they are on a shopping spree.

Citigroup got $7.5B from Arabs.
Goldman Sachs sold 10% of itself to the Chinese government.
Now Merrill Lynch just got $5B from Singapore.
Philips is buying Respironics for the low low price of $5B, which is about 12 Euros these days.

Anyone else see a problem with that?

Maybe the gubermint could get some badly needed money the same way. How about selling 20% of the CIA to Al Qaeda? I'm sure they'd be interested and willing to pay big bucks. If it's good enough for Citi, why not the federal government? Bush was this close to letting Arabs control the nation's ports, why not the CIA or NSA or INS? Business is business folks. It is a global economy remember? George W. Bush has an MBA from Harvard, he must know what he is doing after all. And since the Chinese are on a buying spree, maybe we could follow Morgan's lead and sell 10% of NASA to them. Think of all the S-CHIP programs we could start with that kind of cash.

But it's all good. American Idol starts in 2 weeks. No need to worry about pesky things like a weak dollar or the loss of control over the banking system to not so nice foreigners. That's like so boring you know? So what if Arabs and the Chinese have a stake in the largest banks in the country? It's not like they want to harm us or anything. And no way they could possibly use that influence for nefarious reasons. I guess I am just a crazy black helicopter conspiracy nut since we all know Arabs and communist Chinese are dedicated to peace and prosperity for one and all.

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Anonymous said...

American Idol starts in 4 weeks. Get your facts straight.