Saturday, January 12, 2008


If I were a religious man I would pray and pray hard. These three "leaders" have decided to work together in order to avoid a recession. Earth to idiots, we are already in a recession. Your reckless policies got us there. If you try to fix your mess, you will only prolong the pain.

Please for the love of god, just let the business cycle work itself through. Don't spend money simply for the sake of spending money. Don't throw good money after bad to bail out idiot homedebtors. It won't save anyone from losing their home, it will only cost me Mr. Taxpayer more money.

I know it is an election year and pandering is what you do best. But come on, just this once do the right thing, ie do the exact opposite of what your gut tells you to do.


Sean said...

you're just angry cause New England is getting fooked by jacksonville.

They did it to my Bronco's in 97, back when Denver had one of the best teams of all time.

Ed said...