Sunday, January 6, 2008

Grand Old Party

Iowa was won by someone who raised taxes while governor, made Arkansas a sanctuary state for illegals and probably couldn't find Pakistan on a map.

New Hampshire will be won by the author of amnesty for illegals (err Immigration Reform) and the co-author of McCain-Feingold. And also a guy who voted against the 2001 tax cuts, was seriously being considered as a running mate for John Kerry in 2004 and did everything he could to block conservatives from being appointed as federal judges. He is the darling of the MSM and every Democrat's favorite Republican. How can McCain with a straight face say he was not for amnesty? What happened to his straight talk express? He wanted - several times - to give citizenship to illegal aliens who broke the law. A rose by any other rose.

These two jokers make George H. W. Bush look like Reagan by comparison.

I guess the GOP didn't learn any lessons in 2006 or 1994 or 1992 or 1980. The lesson is pretty simple. When Republicans run as conservatives they win. When they run as liberals, they lose. When given a choice between a Democrat liberal and a Republican liberal, people will choose the Democrat. When given a clear choice between a conservative and a liberal, the conservative will win. Even though Jorge W. Arbusto governed as a liberal, he ran as a conservative.

In most European countries there are no conservative parties left. The names may have the world conservative in the party name. In reality though, there are far left parties and center left parties. The Conservative Party in the UK ceased to be conservative the day Maggie Thatcher left office. The same is happening in the US. The Republican party of today is the Democratic party of 25 years ago. The Democratic party of today has fully blossomed into the Socialist party and proudly so.

The debate used to be whether the government should or shouldn't be involved in our daily lives anymore. Democrats said yes, Republicans said no. The debate has now shifted to how much control should the government have. With front runners like John McCain and Mike Huckabee it is impossible to tell which party is which.

Hillary? Obama? McCain? Huckabee? With either of the 4 living at 1600 Pennsylvania my taxes will go up, amnesty for illegals will be a reality and government spending will increase. And so-called expert pundits wonder why conservatives are demoralized or why Ron Paul has raised $20M online.

I used to think Ron Paul running as an independent would be a bad idea as it would guarantee a Hillary presidency. Given the alternatives on the GOP side, who cares. My advice to him would be drop out of the GOP race and save your money for the general election.

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